Who is the Best Spider-Man?

March 29, 2022
Alyssa Kaufmann

Denver, Colorado, United States

Class of 2025

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**Spoilers for all of the Spider-Man movies**
The movie Spider-Man Far From Home was everyone's obsession beginning in December of 2021. However, this amazing, highly grossing movie renewed an ongoing discourse among Spidey fans: who is the best actor to play a live-action Spider-Man?

Tobey Maguire:
Tobey Maguire was the first Spider-Man in the original Spider-Man premiering in 2002. He was the template the other spidermen strived to fit. Tobey shows us as an audience how a normal person would act if they obtained superpowers. Tobey’s Peter Parker is not special compared to Holland’s and Garfield's respective characters. He is not an inherent genius or has a guy in the chair to back him up. He was alone and mediocre, but he still takes on the responsibility to help those in need. Tobey’s Peter doesn't give up. He still takes on this responsibility while dealing with his own dark side. Even while battling his own evil intentions, Tobey’s Peter always comes back to his responsibility. No matter who or what he has lost, he always comes back to help those who need it. In No Way Home, Tobey’s character was about 37 years old. Even though he had back issues, and was not in as good shape as the other two Spidermen, he still helped. Tobey was by far the best and most resilient Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield:
Andrew Garfield was in The Amazing Spider-Man movies which premiered in 2012. He was the most believable Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield in the Amazing Spider-Man is the epitome of teenage angst. He is sassy, sarcastic, and is not afraid to stand up for himself. Garfield’s Peter was the sarcastic nerd, who was confident enough in himself to help the little guy. I think we all know someone like this, someone not popular, nor athletic, but who still stands up for those who need it. Garfield played the teenage aspect of Peter amazingly. The disrespectful sarcasm and wit displayed towards the enemies are emphasized in his performance, and that helped us as an audience believe this story. Garfield's Peter reminds us all of a real person. Garfield was the best Peter Parker.

Tom Holland:
Everybody loves Tom Holland. Even Simu Liu shares our love for him. The Spider-Man Homecoming trilogy had the best writing by far. Tom’s Peter had youthfulness in a way that the others didn't. The movies really emphasized how young he was, and how he was a part of Gen Z. Whether it be his calling Star Wars movies ``really old”, or building Legos with his friends, Holland’s Peter embodies youthfulness in a different manner. This youthfulness provides room for ample character development. Many marvel fans felt as if they were growing up with this Peter. In Captain America: Civil War, Peter was an excited kid who got to meet his heroes. But in No Way Home, Peter was a young man who had matured greatly. This Peter had learned the hard way about not succumbing to the darkness within himself. This Peter had to become a leader good enough to lead himself. Peter had to lead both of the other Peters to save the universe. Holland’s Peter learned that he had a responsibility to save the universe, even if it hurt him in the end. This Peter strived to follow his Aunt’s values so much, he sacrificed his own happiness, life, and comfort to save the universe. Tom Holland’s Peter was the best hero and had the best character arc.

Bottom Line:
Most Spider-Man movies are about the struggle of trying to live two lives at once, one as Spider-Man, and one as Peter Parker. Tobey’s character leans more towards the Spider-Man life. Andrew’s character leans more towards Peter's life. But, Tom’s character got that struggle taken away from him. He no longer has to worry about Peter Parker. He only has to worry about Spider-Man, because no one remembers Peter anymore. I think that Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man. He sacrificed his right to balance his lives, and have a personal life, to save the universe. Tom Holland’s Peter is the biggest hero, and he had the greatest character development. He may not be the best Peter Parker, or the best Spider-Man, but he is the best at being both. Peter represents the good in both sides of the character.

Alyssa Kaufmann is a BBG from Denver, Colorado and she likes to play the guitar!

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