What Should I Bring to IC?

February 3, 2023
Leehee Brauner

Gainesville, Florida, United States

Class of 2025

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IC 2023 is almost here, and with all the excitement, I still have no idea what to pack! Many of you may be frantically debating what you should pack. Here are some of the most important items you should bring with you!

Short-sleeved shirts and shorts-

Although it is winter in Dallas, most of your time will be spent running around the hotel, which gets really hot because there are just so many people. Remember to not only pack your cute hoodies, because once you've spent a couple of hours inside with 3,000 other people, you will also definitely get sweaty. Make sure to bring some cute short-sleeved shirts or tanks for the concert because while you're going to be screaming lyrics and dancing with your friends it is definitely going to get hot!

Water bottle

Although water will be available at the hotel, I recommend bringing your own for when you're going outside the hotel on activities, it is important to stay hydrated so you do not tire out quickly and can have the full IC experience, while still taking care of yourself.


I suggest you bring a camera, whether it's a disposable one or a polaroid one you are going to want to capture the unique and once-in-a-lifetime memories you only get at IC! There are some super affordable options on Amazon!

Spirit gear

Regions will go all out during the opening ceremonies, so you'll want to show off your finest regional pride. Be prepared to display the greatest amount of regional spirit over the entire week, especially if your region hopes to win the Max F. Baer Spirit Gavel or the Anita M. Perlman Spirit Cup.

Leehee Brauner is a BBG from Gainesville, Florida and she loves to swim.

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