What a Little Kindness Can Do

December 18, 2018
Emily Leyfer

Sunnyvale, California, United States

Class of 2019

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It’s quite easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives and all the stressful, exciting, mundane events that pass by. With so much occurring, we can often overlook what others do to make our lives better and the power we have in creating the same for others. One person in Central Region West took notice of this power and created a way for members throughout the region to create that very impact through small acts of kindness.

The Facebook page “CRW #45 Appreciations” was created by an anonymous member in the region last year in November.

The purpose of the page was simple: allow anyone to submit kind words, thankfulness, and love, or “appreciations”, for anyone in the region.

A Google Form pinned to the top of the page allows members of the group to do just that. Despite its kind intentions, the Facebook page didn’t immediately catch as much attention as it deserved. But, a few months ago, a member shared the link to the page in CRW’s regional Facebook group. Since that post, the page has grown considerably, one appreciation at a time.

Currently, people post approximately 20 messages of kind words towards different members throughout CRW each week, each appreciation flooded with comments of agreement. Submitting an appreciation is a simple way to brighten someone’s day, yet it holds such a greater impact than just that. An anonymous Aleph in the region says that “submitting to CRW Appreciations gives me the platform to start a chain of appreciation for one person. I would hope that if they don’t motivate somebody to keep pushing, they at least brighten someone’s day.”

He believes that “often the best motivator to keep being an incredible role model is recognition for what you’ve already done.” Often times people lose incentive when they need it most. What if all it took to give someone a bit of hope was a short sentence that acknowledges their hard work, or even more simply why you love them?

For this reason, I see a greater purpose behind this sweet Facebook page. It’s an effort towards building a culture of validation, inclusivity, selflessness, and overall kindness. The impact of the simplest words is often forgotten, and CRW Appreciations is a reminder to all of us how much change a simple “thank you” can make.

Check out the page here to send your love towards a member who needs it!

Emily Leyfer is a BBG in Jerusalem Shel Zahav BBG #1516 in Central Region West.

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