Welcome to BBYO IC 2023: The Second Ever BLOCK PARTY!

February 21, 2023
Mia Stern

Austin, Texas, USA

Class of 2025

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Welcome to BBYO IC 2023: The second-ever BLOCK PARTY!!

BBYO International Convention 2023 was filled with lots of fun surprises, and our second annual BLOCK PARTY was certainly not a disappointment!! BBYO Boulevard stretched throughout the whole hotel, with activities everywhere you turned. This year was incredible with all the activities and programs.

This party stretched over an hour and a half, and it was the PERFECT time to spend time with my international friends and try new things. We walked around and got henna tattoos, balloon animals, and new tags in the welcome center. My personal favorite part was the photo booth and FREE FANNY PACK in the summer village. 

The atmosphere during this party was very much enthusiastic, and everything felt very alive. It was one of those BBYO moments where we are all just having fun, and nothing else matters! When there are people having fun everywhere around you, it's hard not to have fun yourself!!

Pre-Block party, we had an exciting day of Havdalah and Limmuds, where we got to meet and hear from Maddie Ziegler, Chris Olsen, Michael Behling, Samantha Logan, and even Gabby Douglas!! As if the night couldn't get any better, the block party got us all revamped and ready for more fun!!

The most popular part was the SILENT DISCO!! With 3 soundtracks to choose from, there was music for everyone. The grand ballroom was filled with screaming BBGs and AZAs who were having the time of their lives. The room was electric and vibrant and something I could experience forever.

Overall, the BBYO Block Party seems to be a huge hit, and I hope we will continue it in the years to come!!

Mia Stern is a BBG from Lonestar Region and she is OBSESSED with everything Taylor Swift.

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