Understanding the Concert Hype

January 10, 2023
Gal Rubel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2025

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If we had a time machine and went back one year, you would meet the same me but with one big difference in the musical aspect, I had never gone to a concert.

When I first got the chance to go to a show honoring Soda Stereo, I jumped at the event. Although I didn't see a thing and I didn't know all of the songs at the time, there was nothing like it

I could not say I loved it as I did not have anything I could compare it to but I enjoyed it. I had the opportunity to go to a “Radagast” concert in Luna Park, and looking back my first experience was not as good as I remembered. The sound quality was awful, I didn't like the guest artists and it was more video than show. This wasn't the case for Radagast's concert. I got my tickets early I was as excited as someone could be, I listened to the discography months before just so I knew all the songs, even the ones that didn't have lyrics.

The concert was nothing like I had imagined, I forgot he was also a magician and a comedian. The show was awesome, what one would call a 10 out of 10. Nevertheless, I was going for his singing and he only played 5 songs. It left me wanting more and I was extremely lucky to score tickets for the biggest show that was happening in Argentina in 2022; Coldplay filled Club Atletico River Plate studio 10 times, breaking the record for more shows.

River Plate can hold more than 50.000 people in one show, so when Coldplay announced the first two dates, scoring tickets was like the Hunger Games. I was neither Katniss nor Peeta and did not get tickets. I had the same luck with the second and third drops. When everything seemed lost after 8 hours in the virtual queue, my dad and I got access.

I remember his text, it was a playlist with songs to prepare myself. He knew I was not an active Coldplay listener so he hoped that on my 8-hour bus trip, I could listen. Something ruined his plans; Midnights by Taylor Swift. My favorite artist released an awesome album and the thought of listening to Coldplay was shoved into the back of my head. I loved Midnights but as soon as I was back from my trip, I knew I had my work cut out for me. It was Coldplay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 7 days a week. I can proudly say I knew the setlist by heart.

I went and it was one of my 2022 highlights. The bracelets make you feel part of the show. Seeing one of my favorite artists, Zoe Gotusso as the opening act, even if I dreamt it could not have been better.

With tickets to see my favorite Band in May next year and with the hope that Taylor Swift comes to Argentina for the first time, I now have a better idea of concerts. I can put it in one sentence for you: Although tiring, they are great.

Gal is a BBG living in Buenos Aires, Argentina who is in love with outer space.

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