December 12, 2022
Maya Stone

New York, New York, United States

Class of 2024

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Traditions in BBYO are what make BBYO so special for BBGs and Alephs all around the order. Here are seven of my favorites!

7. IC Opening Ceremonies

The opening ceremonies are so cool because everyone was dressed up based on their region's theme - for example, NSR is the Shark Squad. This past year, there were performers from Hairspray and it was so fun to sing along to songs that are very popular (especially in Baltimore).

6. Havdalah

Havdalah is one of the things that have left me breathless - especially at IC, it made me feel so connected to many others in that room. It gives such a different experience than Shabbat that it is so hard to even explain. It is something everyone should experience whether it is at a regional convention, at IC or at a summer program.

5. Spirit

The goal of Spirit is for me to lose my voice and I love the BBG chants that are used at each and every Spirit session. At CLTC, we had Spirit the last night before we left and it was so much fun to compete with the Alephs during theirs.

4. Shabbat

The first time I really got to experience a BBYO Shabbat was at CLTC and though I didn’t know what to expect, I was amazed at what it was like. The amphitheater was decorated with fairy lights and it was so pretty at night. I love the way BBYO does Shabbat because it’s not like a typical Shabbat service. There was a major difference from being at a virtual shabbat to an in person regional shabbat.

3. Big/Littles  

My favorite chapter event of the year. It is so fun to surprise and get to know the younger BBGs. It reminds of my first big/little when we had so much fun trying to guess who our big was and now I as a big get to try and trick the younger BBGs into thinking I’m someone else.  

2. Separates

If you need a good reason to cry, separates is the perfect tradition for that. Separates is a tradition where a relevant topic is discussed. The lights are turned off and each BBG is given a small light. It is so meaningful because you learn that if you are going through something, you are not the only one and you are not alone. It allows everyone to think about that topic in a unique way you wouldn’t have thought about before.

1. Shira

Whether it’s IC, regional convention or at a summer program, Shira is always my favorite part because it is a way for everyone to come together. It is something that everyone knows the music and the dances that go along with it. My favorite was the last night of CLTC because it was the first time everyone could come together instead of just individual chapters.

Maya Stone is BBG living in New York and loves to read.

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