Top Ten Moments of IC 2021

February 26, 2021
Abigail Lev

Plainview, New York, United States

Class of 2022

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It’s hard to believe that International Convention 2021 has come and gone. Now that this amazing experience is over, we can take a look back through some of the most enjoyable and most connective moments.

10. IC Shuk

It would be silly to start off this list with anything other than the IC Shuk. Members from across the globe were able to purchase Shuk items from communities around the world at this one-of-a-kind online shop.

9. BBG and AZA Lounges

Throughout the weekend, members were given the opportunity to participate in activities spanning from Pre-Shabbat Photos (BBG Lounge) to an AZA Grand Board Tuck In (AZA Lounge). These electives were extremely successful in promoting the siblinghood that we find in BBYO each and every day.

8. LEADs Labs

At the beginning of the weekend, members of the steering team hosted various LEADs labs, bringing in special guests to educate participants and share their ideas with our movement.

7. Elections of the 97th and 77th Grand and International Boards

On Monday, February 15th, we joined together to elect the 97th Grand and 77th International Boards of AZA and BBG. This momentous event was also live-streamed via the Hopin platform for all attendees to watch, even if they weren’t voting delegates.

6. State of the Order and Movement Celebration

Our movement is alive and well! Despite the pandemic, our 96th Grand Aleph Godol, Ben Cohen, and 76th Anita M. Perlman International N’siah, Maya Zucker, shared that BBYO has been prosperous throughout the past year. We also celebrated the movement through videos from various politicians and public figures.

5. Pete Davidson’s Interview

This highly anticipated event definitely lived up to the excitement! Teens had so much fun listening to the captivating conversation and were able to learn so much about Pete’s life.

4. Private Concert from Kesha

Directly after Opening Ceremonies on Thursday night, our movement got the amazing opportunity to listen to a private concert from Kesha. Members from all over danced to the music and loved listening to the interview that followed.

3. Rebel Wilson’s Interview

One of the best parts of this weekend included Rebel Wilson’s phenomenal interview, in which she discussed Pitch Perfect, and even sang for us! Teens watched from the Mainstage on Hopin and continuously flooded the chat throughout the event.

2. Opening Ceremonies

Without a doubt, Opening Ceremonies was one of the most connective and exciting experiences throughout IC! To keep up with Time Zone differences, this event was streamed twice on Thursday, meaning that all teens were given the opportunity to watch this amazing event, filled with cameos from Broadway Stars, Alephs, BBGs, and so much more!

Honorable Mentions: Global Exchanges, Summer Reunions and Meetups, and Zen Zone

Before we get to the number one event of International Convention 2021, let’s address some honorable mentions! Steerers hailing from various BBYO communities joined together to plan amazing events in each of these areas, providing almost constant programming!

1. Havdalah

Without further ado, the top event from IC weekend was Havdalah! We streamed services on Saturday at 6:30 and 9:30 PM Eastern Time, ensuring that all attendees could watch. Havdalah provided a feeling of siblinghood and community for all and we joined in song and prayer.

We hope you had an amazing time at IC 2021 and cannot wait to see you in Baltimore next year!

Abs Lev is a BBG from Nassau Suffolk Region, and she has a fear of yogurt.

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