Top 5 Songs To Have A Mini Concert To In The Car

February 29, 2024
Maya Stone

New York, New York, United States

Class of 2024

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Would you rather have mini concerts in your room or the car? I would say the car, especially when you are by yourself or with friends. As an independent driver, it's a step to finally getting to control the music in the car. Here are 5 songs to try singing along to when you're on your next car ride.

1. Cruel Summer

This is always the first song that gets turned on when me and my friends get in the car. It’s perfect for getting in a good mood. There’s nothing like just screaming the bridge or messing up because you think the bridge comes earlier than it actually does. It always reminds me of getting to see Taylor Swift in concert with my friends and making friendship bracelets.

2. Stick Season

Stick Season is one of my absolute favorites, whether it's in the car, having a concert in the car with my sister, or going across the floor in dance. Between me and my friends, it is a song that we can all come together and enjoy even if our music tastes differ. 

3. Timber

Definitely a hype song. Who doesn’t love Pitbull? I could listen to this song over and over again but it just hits differently when you're sitting in a parking lot and just singing along.

4. All Too Well (10-minute version)

I’m not sure this one needs any explanation but this is just 10 minutes that has the name “concert” written all over it. 

5. Power Over Me

I will never say no to a good Dermot Kennedy song and this definitely has to be one of my favorites of his songs.  This one is a fun one to sing along to when you're alone in the car. I’m probably very tone deaf but when I’m in the car none of that matters. It’s kind of similar to singing in the shower.

Music has to be a necessity when it comes to driving. I love getting to sing my favorite songs with my friends and just have a good time and not have to worry about anything else.

Maya Stone is BBG living in New York and loves to read.

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