Top 10 Ways to Bounce Back After Losing an Election

June 3, 2020
Hannah Cantor

Denver, Colorado, United States

Class of 2022

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Running for anything is tough. You go out and put your heart out there. You create a platform that has your ideas, goals, and qualifications. You then have to put together a speech. You get X minutes to say anything and everything. Whether it’s chapter, council, regional, or heck maybe even international. 

Whether you win or lose, if no one ever told you, I’M PROUD OF YOU! You went out there and tried your best and no matter what, you went out there. 

1. It’s Okay to Cry

You lost. You are probably upset. That’s normal. I ran for chapter board and lost. I cried. I ran for regional board and lost. And guess what! I CRIED! I am still crying. And that's ok. It is ok to cry. Let it out.

2. Eat Some Ice Cream

Scoop yourself a big bowl of ice cream and eat it. Treat yourself. You worked hard and it hurts to lose.

3. Write Down Your Feelings

After losing an election, you are probably feeling a whole lot of emotions. Sad, angry, confused, hurt, lost, and so many more. Take a pen and paper or your phone and just write. Put all your thoughts into words and clear your head.

4. FaceTime Friends

Call your school friends. Call your home friends. Call your summer programs friends. CALL ANYBODY!

5. Remember Your WHY

Think about this: “Why did I run for this position?” Seriously, ask yourself this. Remembering your why WILL help!

6. Remember Why You Joined BBYO

Nobody joins BBYO to be on board. You joined for a number of reasons. Whether it was for a Jewish experience, or friends, or memories. Just remember, you didn’t join BBYO to be on board. You joined for the unforgettable experience and losing WILL make you stronger.

7. Think About How Someone Has Inspired You

Someone has definitely inspired you already. Go find someone younger or older and inspire them.

8. Think About What to Do Next (When You’re Ready)

Do you want to run for board again? Do you want to take a term off and be that supper active general member? Do you want to find a little and inspire them (or a big and become inspired)? Whatever you decide to do next, do it for yourself! Do not do anything you would regret.

9. Keep on Trying

Just because you lost this election, doesn’t mean that you will not make a difference. As people have probably told you after you lost, “Winning an election doesn’t define you and your future. But losing does! It makes you stronger.” Go out there and make a difference! You do not need a title to do so.

10. Don't Burn Out

You lost. It stinks. But don’t stop going to international, regional, and chapter events. If you do, then you shouldn’t have ran for board in the first place.

Losing is hard. I get it. I have lost my fair share of stuff in BBYO. (steering, chapter board, ILN, convention leadership, regional board) I promise it gets better. It takes time. Lots of time.

I just lost regional board. I’m still making my way through step 1 and 2. But I know that when the time comes, I will do these 10 steps, and it will all be ok. Just like so many people have texted me, “Winning an election doesn’t define you and your future. But losing does! It makes you stronger.” and “an election doesn’t define you. and you should be so proud of yourself for having the courage to run in the first place.”

Stick with BBYO. It will get better soon. I promise. Go you for putting yourself out there and trying your best. You got this!

Hannah is a BBG from Celeste Sobol BBG #1210 in the Rocky Mountain Region and she is her high school Feature Twirler.

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