Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Driver’s License as Soon as Possible

February 2, 2023
Jonathan Mintz

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Class of 2024

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1 - You never feel left out!

You’ll never be the odd person out who can’t hang out because you don’t have a ride!

2 - You can go to all the other things you want, too!

In a few weeks I’m going to a video game tournament in another state (it borders my city, but still). My parents would never have driven me there!

3 - You can go to all the BBYO events you want!

Once you get your license, you can go to events you couldn’t have before.

4 - You can decide when you leave events!

You get to decide how long you want to stay, so you’ll never miss a gathering again!

5 - You can get a job!

Who doesn’t like money? After I got my license, I got a job and now I can get ice cream whenever I want!

6 - You can control the AC!

You get to decide the temperature of the car. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, it’s just right!

7 - You can give other people rides!

Now I can offer to take other people to stuff, so they won’t feel left out.

8 - You don’t need to ask for rides!

I always hated asking people for rides because I felt like I was being a burden, but now I never have to ask for a ride again (unless my car breaks down again).

9 - You can pick the music!

No longer are you at the mercy of your friends’ music tastes, you’ll never dislike the music again!

10 - You can use your license as ID at the airport!

Assuming you’re in the U.S., you won’t need to keep track of your passport to go to IC, you can just use your much smaller license!

Jonathon is an Aleph from Memphis who likes songwriting, speedcubing, and photography!

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