Tips for Back to School

October 27, 2022
Rebecca Perlman

Glen Head, New York, United States

Class of 2025

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What to wear? What to wear: 

It is so hard to find what to wear to look so stylish for 5 days a week. After many years of going to school, here is what I have found to be the most helpful when figuring out what to wear. 

  1. Pick out your outfit each night before you go to sleep: This will also let you wake up later because you won’t have to spend 30 minutes looking through your closet to find the perfect outfit.
  2. Wear what is comfortable for you: everyone's style is different and many people are comfortable with different things. So, this allows you to wear whatever you want and makes you feel the most confident.
  3. Look around: I know this may sound really weird, but look up from your phone in the hallways and see what others are wearing. Some of my favorite clothes I have are from what I have seen others in the hallway wear.
  4. Wear with confidence: It doesn’t matter where your clothes are from if they are from the new drop of the latest clothes or hand-me-downs from your older sibling, wear them with confidence. You are able to pull off any outfit you want and can wear whatever you want as long as you are comfortable in it and wear it with style.
  5. You are never fully dressed without a smile. A smile is a key to everything. Smiling will help you get through any situation. From pulling off an outfit, and getting through tests, to making new friends.


How do I talk to them? 

It’s time and you start high school, but your new or old friends from middle school are not where you want to be or your speed anymore. It’s OK, don’t worry. Here are some tips on how to find some new, even better ones, and how you know it’s time to find some new ones.

  1. Toxic or ignoring: Don’t spend time with them and drop them. When trying to find friends, you have to think about how they are treating you and if they are toxic, get rid of them. Maybe they may be good to have around for little reasons, like an invite to a party or something to do on the weekend. That is what BBYO is for. We are all here for you.
  2. How to get rid of them: I know it may be scary to get rid of these old mean friends because they have been with you since the beginning, but it will be OK. We are all here for you, don’t worry. Here are some options for getting rid of the old to make room for the new. You can send them a text about how you feel. Maybe they will listen and try to change. You could also slowly fade out of talking to them and find new friends. Whatever you feel most comfortable doing, You Can Do It!
  3. Find some new ones: Look around your class and see who you think you are going to click with. Maybe there is that girl in the corner who doesn’t always speak or the one in the center who raises her hand all the time. You can maybe try to work with them on a project or ask for help on a question. Also, you can add them on Snapchat and start snapping. It doesn’t matter, just start the conversation. Be confident and go up to them.


All I’m Doing is Work:

Work, work, work. At school, I’m doing work and when I get home that’s all I have time to do. It is so hard to get anything done that does not work. But, that is OK, don’t worry. I know it is hard to handle, but here are a couple of tips to help handle the work and tests.

  1. Create a Work Schedule: Make a schedule so you know when things are due and how much you need to get done that day. You can buy a planner or write it on a piece of paper or a whiteboard. You can also create a Google doc or slideshow. Having this will help you keep all of the things you need to get done in an organized place and you won’t forget about tests or due dates.
  2. When you get home from school, before starting homework, go outside. Take a break because you need it. 7 hours of school is a lot, and then spending 2-3 hours on homework and studying is another. It is helpful to take a break, go outside, exercise, or do something you like to do.
  3. Working with a Friend: Sometimes studying or working with a friend may help you get work done or study for a test. By working with someone, the information is easier to stick in your brain. Also, it is a proven fact that teaching someone the information makes it easier to remember, which will make you do better on your tests. You will also get it done faster while having a lot more fun.


There are so many different ways to help you get through school. Everyone is always there for you, including your teachers, parents, guidance counselors, and friends. You have the biggest support group, so you are able to get through school. There will always be hard times, but we are all here for you. If you need any help feel free to DM me @Rebeccaperlman. Have a great school year, and get ready for all these amazing grades to come in!!

Rebecca is a BBG from Jericho, New York, who shares a birthday with her dad.

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