Tidewater BBYO Movie Night

May 5, 2020
Danial Watts

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Class of 2021

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Last November, over 40 Jewish teens from the Tidewater BBYO community came together for our biggest city-wide event of the year, our Tidewater BBYO movie night. We watched a great movie to get all of our new prospects laughing and enjoying being with our chapter. We had over 10 prospects at the program which was amazing for our small community. And the best part, All 10 of them returned the next week for standard chapter programming! 

A city-wide movie night is a great idea for welcoming prospects without the pressure of choosing a chapter or being uncomfortable talking to a bunch of new people. Just being around fellow Jewish teens laughing and enjoying a movie is enough to encourage someone to come back for more programs and realize how fun BBYO truly is. We offered popcorn, chips, and so many more snacks and drinks to keep everyone going throughout the movie. We also raised money for future city-wide events. This was a great event for Tidewater BBYO's community and I’m looking forward to seeing the momentum continue this year.

Danial Watts is an Aleph from Dr. Israel Brown AZA #256 in Eastern Region: Virginia Council.

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