The Saving Grace of Good and Welfare Throughout the Pandemic

December 11, 2020
Sari Dashefsky

New York City, New York, United States

Class of 2021

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Good and Welfare has consistently been a highlight of my BBYO experience. I always look forward to lighting candles, hearing how my fellow BBGs are doing, and letting go of my own feelings at every convention and chapter sleepover. This year at Manhattan Region’s Virtual Fall Convention, Good and Welfare was even more important.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health has become increasingly more significant. I no longer can physically check-in on my friends at a chapter program, but instead must rely on FaceTime calls, where it’s harder to gauge how my friends are doing. I had not seen many people who were at convention in months, yet Good and Welfare felt like we were all together in person again. Having so many people together and willing to help one another is truly what makes the Good and Welfare environment so safe and comfortable. Everyone comes, or rather hops on the ZOOM call, with the intention of supporting and listening to each other. In the chaos of the pandemic and the current political climate, this time to come together was savored even more.

Bringing convention online was certainly no easy feat, but Good and Welfare worked seamlessly. Even though everyone listening was muted, seeing their faces made me feel less isolated. The chat continuously flowed with heartwarming messages reminding us all that we were together, though not physically together. This long-standing BBG tradition is such a special time that I know so many others could benefit from in this unprecedented world we are living in. Have a ZOOM call with your family, friends, or anyone else for the pure purpose of listening to each other. For the good and welfare of our world, let’s come together more and listen to what’s important to those we care about.

Sari Dashefsky is a BBG living in New York City who likes to try out fun restaurants with her friends.

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