The Power of Posting

December 18, 2023
Lucy Laves

Austin, Texas, United States

Class of 2026

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As we live in a world powered by phone batteries and screen time, social media has been integrated into our daily lives. While online platforms and media can be extremely helpful tools, specifically in spreading quick information, they have the scary ability to impact our perception. Oftentimes, only one side of the story is shared; other times, not even the real story at all. It is crucial for us to ensure the information we are consuming and sharing is accurate, especially in regard to topics we are not as familiar with. 

It is important to use our voices and speak up for the things we believe in. Signing petitions, donating, and sharing our stories are great ways to positively be heard. There can be pressure around posting or reposting about relevant and significant topics on our social media platforms, and at the end of the day, it is crucial to bring awareness but done in a respectful way. We should always strive to be mindful of others, specifically when contributing to online communication. Before you post/repost something, first check. Who initially posted it? Is that a reliable source? Who wrote it? Who liked it? These are important questions to ask yourself to help stop misinformation from spreading and ensure safe scrolling.

On the other hand, I have personally come across loads of propaganda and skewed perceptions rooted in antisemitism on my social media feeds. Being a proud Jewish person while the state of Israel is in crisis is challenging, even as a bystander. When hate speech is being normalized and publicized, it can be hard to ignore, and we should not have to. In no world is it acceptable to spread hate and negativity; that is why whenever we have the chance, we should reverse it. When we report, block, and diminish violence online, those small actions make a difference. Spreading kindness, bits of joy, and showcasing the good can be extremely helpful in bringing more positivity into our world.

Prioritizing what we see online is key to maintaining hope and protecting our mental health at the same time. Whether that is limiting our screen time, setting our intentions to scroll mindfully, or even watching more puppy videos, it is a good habit to implement conscious consumption into our daily lives. Focusing on strengthening our connections, inside and out of the digital world, can bring light amidst this time of darkness. Together, we can make our voices heard and create change.

Lucy Laves is a BBG from Austin, Texas, and in the Lonestar region!

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