The MTZ National Conference

April 6, 2022
Uri Harel

Nili, Israel

Class of 2024

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The National Conference, what is it exactly?

The National Conference is a MTZ event that happens every two years and through this “seminar,” we make a set of rules that will guide our movement for the next two years.

A few weeks ago, me and many more MTZ members attended the national conference, some as delegates and some as spectators: A delegate attends the meetings and has the “power” to vote and decide whether to agree or to disagree with a rule suggestion. A spectator attends the meetings and can make suggestions but isn’t allowed to vote in meetings.

At the National Conference every chapter made a few suggestions, called “private suggestions,” every time a private suggestion came up one member of the chapter (the one who suggested it) spoke up and explained why we should vote for their suggestion.

After the private suggestions we parted into groups (by the six topics that define our movement: Judaism, A healthy mind and a healthy body, freedom, sources (history), a movement of the youth and for the youth, social statement) and created new suggestions on the behalf of our group.

My group was debating about Judaism, and it was very interesting to hear of all the opinions that people have in our society.

In conclusion, this experience taught me a lot about me, the movement, and most of all, about the MTZ members!

Uri Harel is an Aleph from Maccabi Tzair and likes everything that is related to music.

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