The Importance and Impact of Elections

April 4, 2023
Ronit Hizgiaev

Eastampton, New Jersey, United States

Class of 2024

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Last month, I ran for a board position of Katvanit in my chapter. I unfortunately did not get the position, as I just joined BBYO and haven’t had much experience. As the new board was installed, I came to the realization that it wasn’t my time yet, and I have so much more to learn within my chapter and beyond. But this doesn’t mean that I haven't learned a thing or two while going through the process. 

While making my platform and writing my speech, I took the time to reflect on what kind of leader I am. Am I truly fit for this position? Do I have what it takes? What will I bring to my chapter? These are all questions that ran through my mind. I decided to go for it and have fun with it. Hearing other candidates' speeches on how they’ve positively impacted our chapter and all of their accomplishments lit up something inside of me. Even If I can’t always bring my attributes to our chapter, I can surely apply what I’ve learned to other things- such as school clubs, classes, and organizations. I started to think outside the box with things I can do for my school, and how to make things more successful. Running for an officer position in a club? I made a platform-like presentation, it looked professional and it guaranteed me the spot. I brought what I learned in BBYO to myself. 

Running for a position widened my eyes to the possibilities that I was unaware of. Throughout the process, I discovered how to be effectively creative when it comes to introducing new ideas. It really makes you think about what more you can be doing for your community. I’ve looked back on my failures, and what I can be doing the next time I chose to run. 

It is important to remember though, that there are so many opportunities other than being on board, such as chair or committee. I’m so grateful to have been able to run because now I feel like a much stronger leader than I thought I was. A reminder that it’s okay to lose! You might have something positive come out of it :)

Ronit Hizgiaev is a BBG from Chevrah #2342 South Jersey Region #35 and LOVES wacky mac.

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