The Impact of BBYO

December 21, 2022
Noah Ward

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Class of 2023

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766.8, 1207.8, 245.9, 157.9, 499.35, 2245.1, 1536.6, 1644.3, 731.8, 272.5, 1029.2, 733.0, 294.1, 516.0, 868.2. While these may appear to be random numbers, they are far from that. These numbers represent how many miles I will soon have to travel to visit my best friends. I won’t have regional conventions, international conventions, or summer programs. I won’t have these set-in-stone opportunities to see my friends. Instead, I will have to make opportunities to see my friends, yet that will not change anything. I will still be with my friends. I will still see them, just not in the ways I might think.  Will see them in my successes, failures, ups, and downs. Without them, I am not who I am, where I am, or doing what I am doing. The word friend just does not do what these have done for me justice, but the word family will. This family has done more for me than I can possibly imagine, taken me places I never thought I would go, and helped me accomplish things I never thought I could. This family has inspired me, helped me, and changed me all for the better.

Noah Ward is an Aleph from Scottsdale, Arizona, and he throws javelin.

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