The Class of 2024’s Final Term: What I'm Looking Forward To

March 5, 2024
Leah Berger

Calabasas, California, United States

Class of 2024

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As the ball dropped and the clock struck 12, the beginning of the end of a pivotal chapter in the lives of the Class of 2024 began. A year full of exciting events, emotional goodbyes, and new beginnings is now in full swing as we have entered 2024. As a current high school senior, I know that I have a lot of nerves about this year’s upcoming months, but before I think about life after high school, I am ready to enjoy the upcoming, exciting events that mark the culmination of my four, crazy years of high school.

This past December I was fortunate enough to be elected as my chapter, D’vash BBG’s, 130th N’siah. This upcoming semester and term in BBYO is known as one where seniors are slowly “checking out,”. I eagerly chose to challenge this so-called “standard” and take on the role of chapter president as my last hurrah in BBYO. I believe that a term of instilling leadership skills within younger members and strengthening our chapter before the Class of 2024 heads off, will allow me to leave BBYO with a feeling of fulfillment and pride in my legacy within the organization. I am looking forward to watching younger members become confident in leading the chapter and keeping such a special organization alive for future generations to come.

On top of my chapter duties, I just attended the Centennial IC in Orlando! With amazing speakers, programs, and special senior moments, it was a weekend to remember. I know that I, along with all the other seniors, will be a mess of emotions at PWR’s Spring Convention, only a few short months away. Attending our final regional convention will be so bittersweet, but we will have an incredible time under the amazing leadership team. 

Even crazier things are also happening outside the BBYO world for seniors too! Personally, I am looking forward to hosting a Hungarian exchange student through my school’s global education program at the end of this month. In March, 15 students from my senior class, including myself, will travel to Hungary and Austria to learn about the Jewish teen experience there. I know that through this program I will make lifelong bonds with Jewish teens from across the world which is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

It’s truly crazy to think that in just about four months the people that I’ve spent my past four years with (remotely in 9th grade and in person from 10-12th grade) will all be off doing big things from joining the IDF to attending universities to pursue their ultimate life goals. I am beyond excited for what the future holds, but right now is the time to give back to everyone and everything that has helped us get to where we are today. 

Leah is a BBG from D'vash BBG #956, Pacific Western Region, and her favorite color is pink.

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