The Art of Convention Snack Packing

November 14, 2022
Sydney Lowit

Washington, DC, United States

Class of 2024

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When going to a BBYO convention, whether it’s international, regional, or chapter, the snacks you bring are a crucial aspect to your experience. I like to break it into 3 categories.

  1.  Energisers   

This category is for when you are in need of a quick healthy option to fill you up. Protein bars, apples, trail mix, applesauce, and cheese are all great options (conventions at hotels most likely will have a fridge.) I enjoy bringing carrots and hummus to snack on while in my room! 

  1.  Spooey

No BBYO event is complete without a bag of pretzels and frosting, plus your roommates will love you! If you are new to BBYO, spooey is essentially pretzels dipped in frosting (don't knock it before you try it). There is quite the debate over the best combinations of spooey. However, my personal favorite is lightly mixing together both chocolate and vanilla. Another debate presented when eating spooey is, which pretzel is superior for the snack? When it comes to spooey I enjoy pretzel sticks or snap pretzels. Pretzel sticks are better for a less messy option, while the snap pretzels allow optimal frosting amounts.  

  1.  Sweet and Salty 

The final category is all the typical snacks you would think of. It’s important to have at least one salty and one sweet to balance each other out. 


Also don’t forget to bring your favorite drinks!


Sydney Lowit is an BBG from Beth Kadima #639, NRE Region, DC Council and she has two younger sisters!

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