The Advantages of Having a Counterpart

January 21, 2022
Ezequiel Dyner

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Throughout my BBYO experience thus far, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know countless other teens. With each connection, I’ve made a unique and unbreakable bond.  However, there are a few relationships that are especially close to me, and those are with my counterparts.  During my time with them, I’ve learned that our partnership is vital to fulfilling our positions because of the following reasons: 

Two people working as one. During your term, you’ll have to do some things that you may find tedious as a single unit.  However, if it is done with someone, it may turn into a collaborative and enjoyable activity!  Having the opportunity to talk with someone, work, and have fun at the same time are all provided by BBYO.

Guidance and support. When you start something new and unfamiliar, guidance is a priceless tool.  Not knowing how to deal with every situation is very common. In those situations, having a counterpart is preferable, as you can converse with them on what to do.  Although you may not work identically and may have differences, you’ll bounce ideas off one another to succeed. 

New bestie! After some time, you will reach a point where you’ll realize that your counterpart is more than someone that has the same role in your chapter; you may even become close friends if things go well!  Working with a person you appreciate and acknowledge is much easier than if you are distant from each other.  Sharing some moments with them and creating new ones will become effortless as time goes by!

It’s perfectly normal to have bad days; that’s why your counterpart is there for everything you need.  They will be at your disposal whenever you need them.  If you can’t fulfill some duties because of a lack of energy or time, they can help you do it.

I hope that this article has encouraged you to strengthen your relationship with your counterpart if it hasn’t been done already.  Finally, I want to thank all my counterparts for being so incredible to work with.  I’ve learned so much from all of you and you’ve helped to shape my BBYO experience into what it has been!

Ezequiel Dyner is an Aleph from BBYO: Argentina and loves meeting new people.

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