Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

May 14, 2021
BBYO Weekly Parsha


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Bamidbar, the first Parsha of Numbers, revolves around being faithful and doing the right thing. This presents itself as the central struggle throughout the entire book. At this point in the Torah, the Jewish people gained independence from the Egyptians and they were able to leave Egypt. The Jewish people asked G-d to protect them, shower them with peace, and grant them fortune.

We read that Balak wanted the prophet Balaam to curse the Jewish people, but it didn’t go exactly as planned. He was instead in absolute awe. Balaam was so impressed by the Jewish customs, traditions, and way of life that he didn’t want to put them in danger. The Jewish people continue to try and test G-d. Although God liberated them from Egypt and gave them food for the long journey in the desert, they still felt unable to connect with their faith and opposed Moses' jurisdictions. They couldn’t manage to work together and failed because of their distrust in Moses.

In today’s world, the most important thing we can do every day, is the right thing. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget about others around us. We may make assumptions about people who we don’t really know, and they end up being different than we were told or imagined. In the portion, instead of being honest with G-d and doing what they were told, Moses and the Jewish people sent spies to search all over the holy land. This dishonesty and wariness led to the Jewish people wandering in the desert for 40 years. The desert journey was long and unhappy for most. The Jewish people struggled and were on the verge of giving up, however, they had to encourage themselves to get right back up again and keep trying no matter what obstacles come their way. As Bamidbar closes, the Jewish people finally get to the holy land. They helped one another when things got tough and stuck by each other’s side. They realized how working as a team to accomplish their goals made it so much easier and more effortless. With these lessons in mind, we must stick together in times of need, be a helping hand, and use each other as a support system. After all, teamwork does make the dream work.

Occasionally, we may stumble through obstacles, but we learn to overcome them. Achieving goodness and helping others to do the same is one of the best goals you can accomplish. Every day, make it a top priority to reach out to someone and help them with anything they may need. Parsha Bamidbar truly highlights the meaning of working with others to reach success. In times where we feel like hope is lost, we can find it again through those around us. We can move on from our past and work towards a bigger and brighter future. As the infamous BBYO song goes, “Do the right thing, do the right thing. Do it all the time, do it all the time.”

Shabbat Shalom BBYO,

Rachel Wolk

Big Apple Region Sh’licha

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