Stronger Than Hate

March 8, 2019
Taylor Rosenblatt

Howard Beach, New York, United States

Class of 2020

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“The Nazis are coming back.” I unfortunately have heard this statement far too many times.

People are drawing Nazi symbols on school desks and have graffitied them on buildings for the public eye to see. These incidents have created significant turmoil within the Jewish community. In November alone, Jews have been victim to anti-Semitic messages, harassment, arson, and hate crimes.

How is this acceptable?

This issue has not occurred thousands of miles away, either, only mere minutes. On November 2nd, 2018, numerous vile messages were painted on the Union Temple in Brooklyn, New York.

With anti-Semitic phrases such as "kill all the Jews" and "Jews better be ready" displayed on its walls, the temple is another victim of the hatred in this world.

This has been a painful time for the Jewish community as a whole. Not only that, this has been a painful time for my Jewish community, as I am a member of the Big Apple Region and Brooklyn is my home.  My fellow brother Alephs and sister BBGs attend this synagogue. In recent times, swastikas have appeared on cars around our Brooklyn, the place we call home. In addition, many other symbols of hate have been used to express surreal violence.

However, in a time of such darkness, we must continue to see the light and comfort each other with our faith, worship, and traditions. We must remember that we are all here for each other. Being Jewish in this generation has been difficult. Yet, in times like this, we must support each other and rise up with our Jewish background to show that we will not tolerate such hatred.

We, as Jews, are stronger than hate.

Taylor Rosenblatt is a BBG from Big Apple Region and has been horseback riding for the past twelve years.

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