Staying Active Year Round

March 9, 2020
Jenna Shaps

Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Class of 2022

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Every year I attempt to have the same new year’s resolution, trying to change my habits and finally get active. The struggle is, trying to get active in the middle of January in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, is hard. Between the amount of academics piled on top of your average sophomore and the fact that temperatures range anywhere from 20 - 50 degrees, it makes it hard to get active. This year, however, I have made it one of my goals to follow through with my resolution finally, and I’m here to share just a few ways to get active in the winter.

The first way to get active is to find a space anywhere in your house that has enough room for you not to feel cramped, grab your phone or computer, and some headphones (if needed). There are so many different types of YouTube videos out there for you to choose from simple and easy workouts to ones that will make you feel like there is nothing else left. 

This second one isn’t as much work as actually taking time to workout and caters towards us teens when you’re trying to make a productive study break. Instead of just switching your computer tab from your chemistry notes to Netflix, try standing up, walking around your room, or even having a mini dance party. Just standing up can help you get active and take an actual break from studying. When you’re FaceTiming your friends from your region or BBYO Summer program, walk around while you do that. Any chance to get a walk around can help to get active.

This third and final way to get active during the winter is honestly my favorite, and it’s to get your chapter together to do something both productive and fun! This could be a fundraiser at your favorite workout studio (think CycleBar, PurreBarre, Soul Cycle, etc.), a program that involves multiple rotations, IDF training, a scavenger hunt, etc. Anything you can dream up can become a possibility. You don’t have to be your chapter S’ganit to plan a great program. Share your ideas with your chapter, and find new ways to have fun, get active, and be with your best friends.

Keep in mind not to forget that if you have access to any workout equipment in your house or a gym to use that as well. The new year should motivate you to keep up your healthy habits from the previous year and make them a more critical part of your daily routine than ever before!

Jenna Shaps is a BBG from Kentucky Indiana Ohio and loves cookie dough.

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