Spring Convention Season! A Look into GAR’s Atlanta Spring Convention!

April 3, 2023
Ariella Ayenesazan

Suwanee, Georgia, United States

Class of 2024

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Hey BBYO! It is spring convention season! Arguably one of the best seasons! Spring conventions are so fun and I recommend everyone goes to theirs. Here is a look inside the Greater Atlanta Region’s Atlanta Spring Convention!

First, we all arrived to load the buses. I was so happy to reunite with all of my regional friends, there were so many hugs and smiles. Then, we were off to convention! 

Second, it was time for shabbat! We arrived at our convention site, placed our bags in the bunks then were off to dinner! We engaged in an amazing service led by the seniors of our region. 

After that, seniors gave their life speeches. It was such a meaningful and inspiring service. I lit candles for Carter Nichols and Noa Young. Love y’all! 

The next day was Saturday. Saturday is jam packed with activities! Here are my Saturday highlights! 

  • I went to the candy bracelet service with my friend Ava! It was so cool! We got to make candy bracelets while participating in a shabbat morning service. A real #shlichimwin!
  • There was also a GARnival! Similar to IC’s block party. This was so fun! There were so many stations! Our regional S’ganit Ruby even made balloon animals! Ava and I’s favorite section was the face painting booth. We painted cute little fruits on each other's arms! 
  • We had an amazing havdalah! It was a bonfire havdalah. It was so interpretive and I loved it!

Of course, we had a rave! The theme was 2010’s. I dug up one of my tank tops from back then out of my closet. Soooo throwbacks! That’s a pic of me and my big Kelli in our fits before the rave!

Sunday was elections! Everyone gave such good speeches, there was even legislation presented! I am so honored to be elected as GAR’s 27th Sh’licha and cannot wait for the year ahead! Look at our amazing board!

ASC was a blast! If you still can sign up, go to your regional spring convention. HUGE CONGRATS!!

Ariella is a BBG living in Suwanee, Georgia, who loves to sew in her free time!

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