Snow Day

October 17, 2023
Sadie Freifeld

Merrick, New York, United States

Class of 2025

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Picture this. Fresh, white snow blanketing streets. A comforting cup of piping hot cocoa. Children laughing while playing in the snow. That is a snow day. 

Yesterday, I opened my phone after doing work and found my friend's group chat in shambles. Filled with “Are you going to school tomorrow?” and “This is horrifying.” As usual, I was clueless and said, “Wait, what occurred? I’m confused.” My friends go on to talk about some “email” and how their moms didn't feel safe with them attending. So I do what any normal person does: I call my most “mature” friend. She answers the phone, sitting with her family at the table eating Chinese food, and I smile. I love her family. I asked her my questions, and she explained that Hamas had raised an “Al-Aqsa Flood Operation.” Now, I’ll be honest: my genuine reaction was, “Huh?” she hushed me off and said, “Sadie, I’ll send you the article.” We said our goodbyes, and I waved to her family. Finally, I opened the article and found that as if the tragedy happening to our people wasn't enough, Hamas had planned a day of “Worldwide General Mobilization,” and truly, I was in shock. I skimmed the article while seeing phrases like “large-scale rallies'” and  “expose their crimes.” What? What is going on? 

My phone buzzed yet again, with people telling me they weren't going to school and were too scared to even leave the house. Terrified, I went to my confidant. I told my mom about the worry coursing through my body and my doubt about going to school tomorrow. “They said it’s unsafe!” I said. She calmed me down and explained that this is a terrorist group; terror is in their name. “They want to make us scared. They want to terrify us. But, we will not show fear. We will not back down.” 

Now, it’s Friday, it's’ that day, and I’m sitting in my classroom, Jewish star around my neck, and prouder than I've ever been. Several of my friends stayed home today (understandably so), and I didn't show fear; I didn't back down, and I certainly didn't let anyone stop me from receiving the education I deserved in the first place. 

Today, it snowed. The world snowed full of hate, sadness, and terror. I let it... I made snow angels and stuck out my tongue. To think that because of my people, my family, and my friends, it snowed. The only difference is, my people, we didn't let snow paralyze us.

Sadie Freifeld is a BBG from the Nassau-Suffolk Region and has a dog named Biggie Smalls!

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