Shabbat from NSR’s Perspective

March 3, 2022
Maya Stone

New York, New York, United States

Class of 2024

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BBYO’s Shabbat services and dinner were the highlights of NSR’s regional convention in Hudson Valley Resort and Spa.

Shabbat. Where do I start? First off, after CLTC, Shabbat became my favorite part of the summer program experience. Shabbat at CTLC was where everyone came together as a community.  It was the most amazing feeling to walk into the amphitheater and see it all lit up with fairy lights. I learned so many new songs and so many new ways to sing prayers.  It made me fall in love with BBYO Shabbat services.

CLTC helped me connect to my Judaism. I made so many new friends and made so many memories which I will never forget especially Shabbat.  

It gave me pretty high expectations for the regional convention. So let's jump into Friday night Shabbat and see how NSR does shark style.

For this year's convention, Nassau Suffolk Region took a trip upstate to Hudson Valley. Friday was definitely my favorite day as a whole.  I had been looking forward to the evening, as Chofesh rolled around it was time to get ready.  I love Shabbat because I love getting to dress up nice and taking pictures with my friends from the region.  

Moving into Shabbat, the theme was BBYO summer program. Molly Singer, NSR’s regional Sh’licha, said, “Mosh pitting together for the first time in 2 years to Adon Olam, with the tune of I Want it That Way, was an incredible feeling. It made me feel so special that Shabbat was not the most dreaded aspect of the convention, but a time for us to celebrate the sabbath together.”

“My favorite prayer is definitely Mi Chamocha. The tune is the Eric and Happie version that goes, We parted the sea, made our people free. Put the stars in the sky, for us to see. From the heavens above, always sending love. Who is like you, Adonai?”—Molly Singer

After a year of virtual programming, this year's winter convention had 30 members from Integrity BBG participate. In the dining hall, we sat together as one chapter.  The bond between chapters left lasting memories on the participants.

“The only thing I wish I did differently was to take it all in.” Singer said. “This is one of my last regional shabbats, and if I had known a few years ago that there wouldn’t be that many, I would never have taken them for granted. You have to love in the moment, and appreciate the time we have there together.”

Maya Stone is BBG living in New York and loves to read.

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