Global Ambassadors Week 2019

June 25, 2019
Solana Wainstein

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2021

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Before International Convention officially begins, Global Ambassador's Week brings together BBYO's international community for an incredible week in the host city. It is a great experience where teens from lots of different countries, such as Argentina, Bulgaria, Mexico and many others, come together before  International Convention. This past year, Global Ambassadors Week and International Convention was in Denver, Colorado, and I got to attend!

Before the international order gathered in Denver, Colorado, the international delegates made their way to the city a week before convention. During this awesome week, each international teen stayed with a local Jewish host-family. Our host-families were awesome. Global Ambassador's Week could not be possible without the amazing host-families who open their doors to us.

When we weren't in the home with our host-families, we spent our time with the rest of the global ambassadors at a JCC or Temple. Except the day we arrived in Denver and on Saturday, where we the whole day with our host families, each day was spent in exciting programming. When we weren't with our host families, we spent time with other international teens where we could choose between a variety of activities and programs to attend. Some of these were held indoors, while for others, such as community service, we had to go by bus to other locations.

We had fun, made cultural exchanges, danced, sang and made friends from around the world. I can't wait for Global Ambassador's Week 2020 in Dallas!

Solana Wainstein is a BBG from BBYO: Argentina and loves taking pictures.

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