Reuniting With My Best International Friend

March 1, 2024
Emily Schenkel

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Class of 2024

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Two years ago, I attended the International Convention 2022 in Baltimore. On Thursday during that convention, I spent lots of time wandering around the convention center and trying to find my place in the international order without knowing many people outside of my region. While getting lunch, two random girls walk up to me, asking me to sit and eat with me, and one of them happens to be my current best friend. We spent as much time during IC Baltimore together as possible, enjoying every single moment. After the convention ended, we tried to find times to visit each other, but it never worked out. Over a year and a half after that IC, I flew to her hometown and stayed with her for a week, creating as many memories as possible during that time. I explored everything in her town and got to know her even better during the less crazy time we were able to spend together. The week ended quickly, and we had a sad yet meaningful farewell at the airport. It would be impossible to tell how long we were hugging and how many photos were taken just from dropping me off at my terminal. Fast forward to International Convention 2024 in Orlando, and we're roommates!! Both of our flights got into Orlando pretty early in the morning, meaning an extra special reunion was coming soon after landing. Once our plane landed, I ran with the others on my flight to register and get to the BBYO meetup as fast as possible. As soon as I stepped foot into the huge room filled with teens and staff, I dropped my luggage and ran towards my best friend. There is no moment I am more grateful for in the world; being able to go back to BBYO and know that part of my heart and home will always be with Alli Becker and the Kentucky Indiana Ohio Region is the most amazing feeling. I went to IC 2024 in Orlando to, of course, make new friends and forever bonds, but also to reunite with old ones, furthering those bonds that will last a lifetime. 

Emily Schenkel is a BBG in Charlotte, North Carolina, who loves exploring her creativity through her face painting business, creative writing, and art.

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