Red Vault Songs Ranking (Taylor Levy’s Version)

February 15, 2022
Taylor Levy

Dallas, Texas, United States

Class of 2022

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Disclaimer: I love all of these songs with my whole heart, and I would rank all of them first if I could.

1. Forever Winter

Whether Taylor Swift wrote it about Cory Monteith or another friend that passed away, the song is a beautiful tribute to an important person in her life. She sings about mental health and addiction in a respectful way.

2. All Too Well (ten-minute version)

When I first listened to it, I would say that it was a very odd feeling not knowing the lyrics to one of my favorite songs. I feel like this song represents the Red era very well and the ten-minute version added to the story, and somehow made it even more beautiful.

3. I Bet You Think About Me

This song is the perfect blend of Taylor Swift’s country background with pop. The music video was also such a masterpiece. I loved it and really hope that Blake Lively and Taylor Swift continue to collaborate in the future.

4. Nothing New

Taylor Swift doesn’t normally feature other female singers as heavily as she does in this song. I thought it was an amazing change of pace and Phoebe Bridgers’ voice perfectly matches the vibe of this song.

5. Better Man

Although it was a bit slow for my taste, this song was a perfect addition to the album. I honestly feel like this song would fit well on Speak Now.

6. Message in a Bottle

I know if this song was released with the original album, it would have been such a hit. Such a beautiful and fun pop song.

7. Run

This was the only song that I didn’t really like. I feel like the lyrics could have been better and it was way too slow for my taste.

Taylor Levy is a BBG from North Texas Oklahoma and loves BBYO, Stevie Nicks, and spending time outside.

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