Recapping the Incredible Opening Ceremonies

February 16, 2024
Emily Schenkel

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Class of 2024

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Opening ceremonies this year was unlike any other as we heard from many speakers and jammed the night away. Each region was super hype to kick off this huge year and begin it all together.

We started out the night with some killer songs performed by the IC Band and some of our Disney favorites that everyone knew. Then Tiffany Haddish took over the stage with a Hava Nagila performance to remember, along with the message to always be proud of who you are and your Judaism. Next our amazing 99th Grand Aleph Godol, TJ Katz and 79th Anita M Perlman N’siah, Courtney Saxe took on the stage to kick off year 100.

Following them we heard from our amazing 99th and 79th Sganim, Jordan Feldman and Sydney Shanker. They spoke wildly about how bbyos history has shaped our movement and what it is today and how bbyo has always been based on the same principles. On the stage the descendants of Anita M Perlman and Sam Beber joined TJ Katz and Courtney Saxe to employ that there is a little bit of Sam and Anita in each of us, as we are the future of this movement for the next 100 years. The stage was then joined with international board members from the last decade, who have all helped to shape what bbyo is today for us. TJ and Courtney then officially motioned to kick off the centennial year of BBYO and from there it was a true party.

We had role call where each region screamed louder than the last and were joined by the amazing Flo Rida for a performance of a lifetime. 

Emily Schenkel is a BBG in Charlotte, North Carolina, who loves exploring her creativity through her face painting business, creative writing, and art.

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