Ranking the Vampire Diaries Seasons From Worst to Best

February 8, 2021
Alix Gilkarov

Vienna, Austria

Class of 2023

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Dear diary, Oops, sorry about that. So, last summer, during our second lockdown, I decided to rewatch some shows, and I stumbled upon The Vampire Diaries. I never actually watched the whole show before the summer because it didn’t seem that exciting at the time. However, I was determined to watch it again, especially because it had become so popular lately. So, if you haven’t watched The Vampire Diaries yet, go watch it right now—after reading this article of course. You won’t regret it!

I rewatched the show, but obviously, if you know anything about me, I have to watch shows a bunch of times until I know absolutely everything about them. and can literally quote dialogues. So, I’ve watched the show multiple times since. In this article, I will share my point of view, ranking the seasons from worst to best! Spoiler alert obviously!

Let’s start with the worst season, which was, in my opinion, season eight! The last season of The Vampire Diaries was all over the place to the point where it didn’t even make sense anymore. The final season was rushed through, as the producers initially wanted to make more seasons, therefore they summarized the storyline which didn’t work out very well. First off, Elena’s absence from the show made it feel empty at this point, but when she did come back after 2 whole seasons, it was under suspicious circumstances. Suddenly Bonnie could reverse the spell that was put on her, after trying to do so for 5 years. Also, the long-awaited “Delena” reunion was underwhelming. And do not get me started on Elena’s wig. Apart from that, the season presented the audience with several antagonists that we knew nothing about, such as the sirens and Cade, but then decided to bring past villains in as well, like Katherine, Kai, and even Vicky and her mother. The producers desperately wanted to show the old villains one last time, but if you ask me, it was just too much—except for Kai, he’s always welcome. One last thing, the ending was actually quite satisfying because we got to see that in the afterlife they all found each other again. My favorite thing about this season was that every episode of it was named after an expression or quote from the first season. My least favorite thing was that Benzo didn’t get a happy ending, and neither did Caroline, but Matty Ratty got one.

Next up is season seven, the one with the heretics. This season just didn’t sit right with me. It didn’t seem like The Vampire Diaries anymore since Elena left, and the constant time jumps were quite confusing. Things just happened way too quickly, which again, is obvious since the show had been cut short. Still, Caroline being pregnant with Alaric and Jo’s babies, or the heretics taking over Mystic Falls, was just too sudden and unexpected—in a negative way. The only part I enjoyed was that Bonnie and Enzo had gotten together, but then again, they didn’t get their well-deserved happy ending. Also, have I mentioned I didn’t like the heretics? The huntress was also annoying. Moving on…

The third worst season, in my opinion, is season 1! From here on out, the seasons weren’t bad, but in comparison, could have been better. The first season was fun, but the plot was kind of missing. It was just about a love story, a dangerous (beautiful) brother getting in the way, and the pursuit of Katherine, Elena’s doppelganger. Other than that and meeting all the characters on the show, it was a little bland. And in retrospect, I think the writers portrayed Damon in a rather cruel way and didn’t show a sympathetic side of him until the end of the season. However, I did like the end of the season where Katherine turned Caroline into a vampire, and from there the show only got better.

Up next is season five, the one with the doppelgangers (Yes I’m a Friends fan, duh). Actually, I’d say this season and season one are a tie. This one was also kind of a mess, similarly to season eight… and as opposed to season one, there were too many plots. Silas, Amara, Quetsiyah, Maxwell—it was too much to focus on. Most of the villains were pretty useless. As for the whole Augustine torture experiment, it was intriguing at first, but it went on for too long. And we can’t forget Katherine of course, who tried to switch places with Elena and succeeded. Now I liked Katherine, but she was a little too smug in that season. In spite of all that, it wasn’t a bad season, just a chaotic one. But what made it absolutely worthwhile was the Delena part of it all, only for Delena shippers of course. Additionally, we cannot forget the dialogue that changed everyone’s life. I could quote the entire episode but that would take a while, so let’s just say, “Then stop loving me! I can’t!” Although, the real highlight of the season was without a doubt Caroline and Klaus’ reunion, the one time they were actually truly together.

Alright, let’s move on to *drumroll* season two! Just like season one, this season was a little tedious, but there was definitely more action than at the beginning. I loved Caroline as a vampire and loved seeing the new love interests form. However, the tomb vampires were just out there, and so was the Original’s saga. It took a while before Klaus was actually a real character and not just a rumor, but the end of the season was one of my favorite episodes. It was the first season where someone significant died, starting with Jenna. I may have cried a little bit after that death. Also, Stefan leaving to be a “rippah” with Klaus was a major turn of events, and we got to meet a whole new side of Stefan, for he was the villain for once.

Oh wow, we’re reaching the end! Well, the third-best season would have to be season four! I really liked the season, as Elena was finally a vampire, and started to become close with Damon. The Originals and The Vampire Diaries characters just worked well together, which made this an exceptionally great season. Additionally, in this season, the cure for vampirism is mentioned for the first time. The thing that made me sad in particular about this season, was Bonnie’s sudden death at the very end. I guess she couldn’t phasmatos herself out of that one!

On that note, another time Bonnie was dead was in season six! My second favorite TVD season. This season was just incredible. The friendship between Damon and Bonnie, while they were in the Prison World, was definitely a highlight of this season. Another one, was a new character, Kai Parker as if we didn’t have enough handsome guys on the show. I’m kind of in love with that sociopath, even though he did ruin the season’s finale by killing everyone and turning Elena into some kind of sleeping beauty. But, at least Damon chopped his head off—temporarily. This season was amazing and was filled with heartwarming moments, like when Damon and Bonnie made it back from hell, or the iconic last Delena dance.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the best season in my opinion again, is season three! Season three is the winner for so many reasons, but primarily because of the Originals. I love The Originals show, their history, and every one of them. But don’t get me wrong, not only did the Originals make this season interesting, but we also got to see Stefan’s ripper side, and for the first time, Elena saw something in Damon that only Stefan saw before (I’m not crying, you are). Also, every time I think about this season, I think of “a drop in the ocean,” which makes me nostalgic. In any case, this season was a real turning point in the show’s storyline as we got to know the Originals, Damon and Elena’s connection, and Elena as a vampire.

Again, all of the seasons were great, and although I initially shot it down, it became one of my favorite shows after all. However, I might be a bit biased since Ian Somerhalder is literally the love of my life, which you may or may not have noticed. In conclusion, follow Ian Somerhalder on the ‘gram, and watch the show if you haven’t already, even though you might as well skip that since I just spoiled pretty much all of it.

Alix Gilkarov is a BBG from BBYO: Austria who can touch her nose with her tongue.

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