Parshat Mishpatim: Living Ethically

January 28, 2022
BBYO Weekly Parsha


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Imagine being very hot and then jumping into a freezing pool. How would you feel? Those are really opposite sensations, right?

This week's Parsha is called Mishpatim. After G-d delivered the 10 Commandments to the Jewish people, G-d continued to supply laws on topics such as murder, kidnapping, personal injury and property damage, occult practices, aid to the poor, return of lost objects, and relief to suffering animals.

In last week’s parsha, we forged a spiritual pact promising to abide by the rules that came with it. In this week’s parsha, we are surprised with a whole series of prohibitions and ethical laws related to the worst of human characteristics. The truth is, like the sensations of fire and ice, the feelings between both stories is quite different:

At BBYO we learn every day that Judaism is not only a spiritual issue, but rather a commitment. It is an ethical and moral pact with our values ​​where we affirm to solve the world's biggest problems by taking real action, speaking up, and being the leaders of our own experiences.

BBYO gives us the opportunity to develop our own Stand UP Causes; the tool that encourages each of our communities to keep an eye on our environment and understand what its problems are. We commit ourselves to lend a hand, be supportive, and contribute on the way to achieve Tikkun Olam - reparation of the World.

I invite you all to reflect on what it is to be Jewish for you, to find a new way of looking at our life in Judaism, to find a cause to fight for and be committed to, and to really appreciate the opportunities of this movement.

Shabbat Shalom

Ivan Stern, BBYO Argentina Regional Godol

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