NTO and Lonestar Region Reunite at Texoma Kallah

December 3, 2019
Gabriella Mitchell

Dallas, Texas, United States

Class of 2022

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The day we had anticipated for months had finally arrived. On October 26th, we took a tireless 3-hour bus ride down to the Greene Family Camp where North Texas Oklahoma Region (NTO), would finally be reunited with Lonestar Region. All of us were ready to have a great weekend with our friends and to celebrate our Judaism at Texoma Kallah.

We arrived at the campsite and immediately were immersed in a sense of belonging with 400 other Jewish teens. Even people who knew no one from the other region soon found friends at Texoma Kallah.

Shabbat kicked off with a meaningful service that was inclusive of members at all different levels of religious observance. At the service, I learned there is not a right or wrong way to pray. The fact that 400 Jewish teens were praying together was very powerful to me and filled my heart with warmth.

Texoma had meaningful summits that raised our awareness of antisemitism and what can be done in our communities to combat it. As the weekend progressed, we enjoyed countless activities that strengthened our bonds with friends. Some of these experiences were a Havdalah service and song circle. To conclude an amazing weekend, we had an outer space dance and moshed the night away.

Texoma was a chance for NTO and Lonestar to reunite for a weekend filled with entertainment and Judaism, and I am so glad I attended.

Gabi Mitchell is a BBG from North Texas Oklahoma and has four siblings.

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