My Summers with Ambassadors to Bulgaria

November 8, 2019
Angel Andreev

Sofia, Bulgaria

Class of 2021

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Hello everyone! My name is Angel and I’m from Bulgaria ! I helped start my BBYO chapter and this is my fifth year in the Network. Despite having been a candidate for my chapter’s board three times and counting, without success my motivation persists and I’ll keep on trying. 

I decided to tell you about my experience at Ambassadors to Bulgaria, which took place in 2018 and 2019. This is not an advertisement, but I'd be grateful knowing that my article made you interested in coming to my country!

First off, as someone living in Bulgaria, I didn't know that much about the tourist sights here. There are lots of historic places, great monuments and other incredible attractions that are just waiting to be explored. Even as a citizen of this country, I learned a lot more than I thought I would and it made my experience even more special !

Additionally, as someone who has been on this adventure two years in a row, I discovered new things about myself. In 2018 I was too reserved. But, don't get me wrong, I found my best American friend, I learned a great deal about my home country and about the people surrounding me. The actual problem was that I wasn't ready to be as social and extroverted as I would have hoped. I was too shy to get up in front of everyone and talk, even though I knew I was capable. That first journey was incredibly interesting and gave me memories to last a lifetime, I just didn’t feel like I had made the most of it.  

A year later, I applied for Ambassadors to Bulgaria 2019, because I wasn't going to let the nerves I had the first time around overshadow me. I wanted to do it right. I wanted to give myself a second chance and show myself that I could do anything if I believed in my own confidence. The second time around, things were different. I talked to everyone, shared more about myself and quickly found and made new friends. The truth is that I was jumping from group to group because I wanted to experience a little of everything and everyone. As a result, I learned more about the people I was around while making friends with all of them. Although I already knew the entire program, I enjoyed it with the most energy that I could gather, because it was my experience and I had to take it into my own hands. I had the greatest time, gathered around some of my best friends and lots of teens from all around the world. 

Ambassadors to Bulgaria is about a lot of things, but my best interpretation of it, is, that it’s about the family we choose, whether by blood or by choice. Seeing new teens all over the world and having the chance of meeting them and making them your friends is one of the most amazing and overwhelming feelings I have had in my whole life. It was incredible to live through all these memories again, it'll stay with me forever. But who knows? Maybe this isn't my end with A2B! I sincerely hope to see you all next year during A2B! Reach out to me, because I would love to get to know all of you, reading my article! Thank you! Have a nice day and be happy and confident

Angel Andreev is an Aleph from BBYO Bulgaria and he loves dancing.

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