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My BBYO Bucket List

February 28, 2020

Delray Beach, Florida, United States

Being a second semester senior in BBYO is genuinely something that has been creeping up on me since I joined. This period of time has a stigma, it’s when people don’t really “care” about their chapter anymore, and burn out. I like to think I haven’t burnt out yet. When I first joined BBYO and started to figure everything out, I made a bucket list for things I had wanted to accomplish before I became “old and irrelevant” in BBYO. 

I made this list because I wanted to see how much I could do with the time I had. I joined December 7, 2016, so my three year anniversary with BBYO was just a little while ago. Honestly, when I first made this list three years ago, I didn’t think I’d accomplish most of these things. To write this article, I had to find this list in the depths of my computer and retype it because it looked all warped with bad handwriting. However, looking at what I wrote, I was pleasantly surprised with myself and how much I had accomplished during my years in BBYO.\

When I first wrote the list, it was not organized in any way. When I updated and went through the list I broke it down into sections. These were things I have done once (highlighted in yellow), something I have done more than once (highlighted in green), and things I have not done (not highlighted). An example of a situation that would be highlighted yellow would be “Become a chapter/regional/international inductee” since that’s something that only happens once in a BBYO lifetime. A green bucket list item would be “Go to a convention,” which I have done plenty of times by now. Something that is not highlighted is something I was not able to accomplish.

An example of this is going to CLTC. The summer I that I wanted to go to CLTC, I was going on a college program and going to sleepaway camp. There was simply no time to go on CLTC.

One of my favorite yellow-highlighted items was going to ILTC at Perlman this summer. Those three weeks I spent there, becoming an international inductee, a bat mitzvah, and a better leader truly will be one of my favorite memories of BBYO. It showed me what it means to be a leader in my chapter, region, and in the order. I enjoyed making friends with people from all over and forming connections that have already proven to help lead my chapter and region.

Things I have done once:

  • Stay in BBYO until senior year #2020onTOP
  • Go on ILTC
  • Fill up my closet with BBYO clothes
  • Coordinate a convention
  • Be in a mock chapter
  • Regionally inducted
  • Internationally inducted
  • Become a bat mitzvah through BBYO
  • Have some type of position at IC
  • Do something internationally besides summer program
  • Run for regional board (win or lose, at least try)
  • Become close with members younger than me
  • Become close with members older than me
  • Become close with members that are the same age as me
  • Take something from a convention that someone left behind but they didn’t realize they left it behind
  • Win a regional award
  • Make friends in BBYO outside of my chapter
  • Make friends in BBYO outside of Gold Coast 
  • Make friends in BBYO outside of the United States
  • Be a BBYO poster child
  • Get a regional big
  • Get an international big/little
  • Become a regional big
  • Become an international big

Things I have done more than once:

  • Get a BBYO lanyard for my car keys
  • Go to a convention
  • Steer a convention
  • Be on chapter board
  • Go to IC 
  • Go to someone’s life ceremony event

Things I have not done:

  • Go on CLTC
  • Go on Kallah
  • Go on Ambassadors
  • Go on ILSI
  • Go on MOTL
  • Hold a position in that mock chapter
  • Chapter inductee
  • Become chapter N’siah
  • Win a chapter award
  • Win an international award
  • Get a chapter big
  • Become a chapter big
  • Give chapter life
  • Give regional life

Jessie Budin is a BBG from Acharit BBG #2543 in Gold Coast Region #51 and she had her Bat Mitzvah at Perlman Camp.

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