Midnights Track List Ranking (Reese’s Version)

November 11, 2022
Reese Fishelman

Watchung, New Jersey, United States

Class of 2025

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20. Dear Reader

Although this song is very personal, I'm not the biggest fan of the melody. It is rather melancholy compared to the rest of the tracks. It is still nonetheless a beautiful song about healing.

19. Bigger Than The Whole Sky

This song is also a slower, sad, song which doesn't really match the rest of the album’s vibe. This is still a very well written song about grief, and fan theories point out lines, leading some to think this song is about miscarriage. I respect the song, it just isn't my go-to when playing music.

18. Vigilante S**t

I think this song is a power move on Taylor’s part, but it seems very out of place. I also think the beginning is more talking than singing, and I'm more of a fan by the end. It's definitely giving Reputation vibes.   

17. Snow On The Beach

I think I would like the song a lot more if it wasn't advertised as featuring Lana Del Ray. Taylor and Lana are two of my favorite artists and I was very excited when I heard they were collabing only to listen and find out Lana was only on back vocals. The song still has a very nice meaning.

16. Sweet Nothing

I have no problem with this song, I just like others better. I think this song shows the lyricism in this album growing, but I have no other place for it.

15. Paris

I really like the melody of this song, just not the idea of Paris. It reminds me of Welcome To New York, which wasnt my favorite on 1989. I like the dichotomy of this song to others like Dear Reader.

14. High Infidelity

I also really like the melody and lyrics of this song, I just like others better. I feel like if it was on the 13 tracks announced at first I would like it better. 

13. Glitch

This song is another song where I like it but like other ones better. This one is my second favorite song on the 3 AM edition tracks. Fans speculate that this song is about the beginning of Taylor and Joe Alwyn’s relationship. This song can resonate with a lot of people.

12. Labyrinth 

In this song, I feel like Taylor's voice doesn't sound as good as it does in the other ones. It is my least favorite out of the tracks previously announced. I still really like the song and lyrics, especially the bridge. 

11.  The Great War

This song is very well written, and I think it would be more popular if it was one of the previously announced tracks. In this song Taylor uses both unpleasant ideas and a happy melody while using very intelligent metaphors. This song is about fighting a difficult relationship that she wanted to last. 

10. Mastermind

This song has a nice beat and melody. I think the lyrics can be very relatable to a lot of girls. Taylor is known to reference literature in a lot of her songs, especially in her last album, Folklore. In this song, she references Shakespeare, which is very on brand for her and I love when she does that.

9. Maroon

I really like this song, It just isn't my first pick when I open the album. When I first listened to this song, I compared it to Red, which was written 10 years ago, and her lyricism has improved so much since then. I think this song is a sign of growth but I like the melody of others better. 

8. Midnight Rain

I really dislike the opening to this song with the voice distortion, but the rest of the song I enjoy. I like the melody and lyrics, the opening just makes it lower for me. I also think this song can be very relatable to her target audience, unlike songs like Bigger Than The Whole Sky. 

7. Lavender Haze

At first I didn't like this song as much, but the more I listened to it the more It grew on me. I really like the beat in the back. This song led many people to believe Taylor is getting engaged, but Taylor has denied this and I believe she is telling the truth.

6. Karma

I think this song is very peppy like tracks similar to Lover or 1989, but it also matches the craziness of this album. I like how she brings up topics like getting karma and revenge by living her life and being happy, which is the most important thing in the end. 

5. Question…?

This track shows Taylor’s more relatable and intimate moments in a way that can be joked about and put in a peppy song. The beginning is very different from the bridge, and I love when her songs do that. She also talks about finding identity after losing someone who helped shape her, which can also be very relatable. 

4. Anti-Hero 

At first I really did not like this track, but the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me (clearly, I ranked it at 4). I think it really shows how Taylor is human too and experiences emotions and worries just like the rest of us. I think she really expresses herself and by her showing her insecurity can help others feel more “normal.”

3. Would've, Could've, Should've 

I think this is a really beautiful song about self-reflection, speculators thinking that it's about her relationship with John Mayer. This song is very different from “Dear John” because it is a reflection on that relationship as a 32 year old, rather than being 19 and fresh out of the relationship with John Mayer, who, at the time, was 32. She shows how their relationship worked and what she would have done now. 

2. Bejeweled

I really like this song for many reasons. 1 being that I love the melody, and 2 being that she shows her confidence and how she can be the life of the party despite what everyone else thinks, which can make others more confident. The music video for this song was also very visually appealing and she is so talented not only in singing and acting, but also in her production skills. 

1. You're On Your Own, Kid

This has to be my number one because of the lyrics. It is very relatable to teens and the bridge is so empowering. It tells how you need to be good to yourself because you are the only constant in your own life. You have the power to change things, and it doesn't matter what other people say or do. The song is filled with emotion that you can feel which makes the song even more powerful. 

Reese Fishelman is a BBG from New Jersey and she has a dalmatian!

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