Manhattan Region’s Chocolate Seder!

April 19, 2023
Sydney Shankman

New York, NY, United States

Class of 2025

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On Monday, April 3rd, Manhattan Region held a chocolate seder in order to celebrate passover! Numerous members and prospects from throughout the region gathered in order to celebrate Passover with a twist. Some highlights from this event were the chocolate covered matzah, the golden ticket and jewish headbands.

The event started with everyone finding their seats and mingling around the large table. Each chair had a placecard, which allowed teens throughout the region to create new friends with their neighbors. At each place setting was a special chocolate haggadah, a Hershey chocolate bar, a golden ticket and TONS of M&Ms. To start off the program, we created the seder plate with different items of chocolate. For instance, sour skittles were the bitter herbs, tootsie rolls were the shank bone, and creme eggs were the hard boiled egg. My personal favorite were the strawberries dipped in chocolate to symbolize dipping parsley, or lettuce, into salt water. After our seder plates were finished, we indulged into them, while scratching off our golden tickets. Several people won, and received treats as a prize!

Following, we recited some passover blessings before haggadah and read a bit about Passover.  Then, we were sectioned off into groups based on the plague mask that we had in front of us, in order to play a quick game of jewish headbands! Some good head band subjects included: the maccabeats, sheep, and a burning bush. 

Finally, the event concluded with some passover trivia while munching on homemade chocolate covered matzah! If you didn’t leave the event eating your body weight in chocolate you were doing it wrong!

Sydney is a BBG living in New York City in Manhattan Region who loves listening to music.

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