“Life Moment”: An Analysis

November 9, 2023
Shayna Finore

Glassboro, New Jersey, United States

Class of 2027

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Wherever you go in BBYO, you can not escape the phrases “Lives moment,” “Life worthy,” and “I’m going to talk about this at my Life.”

Why? What does it mean? What causes this to be said? 

Across many regions and chapters, there is the annual practice known as “giving life’.” In this highly anticipated event, graduating seniors will talk to their chapter/region about their time as members of BBYO. This talk can last 30 minutes to even 2 hours. However, Life is more than a talk. It is a siblingly conversation from upperclassmen to underclassmen. Life is real and honest.

The syntax of “life moment” is quite funny. Life is the existence of a person. A moment is a minute period. The phrase means an event that defines your being.

Why is the phrase so commonly used?

Giving Life is an experience Alephs and BBGs look forward to upon discovery. At the very end of the (most commonly) 5 years spent in BBYO, it is a heavy expectation to tell your tale in this organization in, at the very most, 2 hours. The physical act of stating “Life moment” could promote memory in both the person saying it and the people around them. 

When someone says “Life moment,” it is them saying, “For the __ amount of years, I want to remember this. I want to tell a room full of younger Alephs/BBGs about this. I want you to define my BBYO experience.” 

Isn’t that all that BBYO is? Creating a Jewish experience to remember and impact the people around us.

Shayna Finore is a BBG from Glassboro, New Jersey, and she loves to be lively and make connections that improve the world and the people in it.

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