LEADs Day: Build Your Brand

February 18, 2023
Maren Hettler

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Class of 2025

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On LEADs day, teens from around the world visited sites across Dallas to learn from industry experts. The “Build Your Brand” leadership lab taught teens about the importance of marketing and branding. 

During the lab, teens were able to visit Custom Ink and learn from marketing experts at the studio. There were three different sessions to rotate through during the program. In the first one, participants printed their own BBYO t-shirts that they were able to take home. In another, teens got a tour of the studio and were able to talk to Custom Ink employees about their role in the production process. 

Lastly, everyone came back together for a session with the Custom Ink brand team and the general manager at the studio, Ray Dominguez, a former NFL player. He talked about the importance of identity building and knowing who you are. Kyle Henning, the Custom Ink Brand Director, spoke about the company’s brand identity, direction, and strategy. The program ended with a Q&A with the brand team. 

“Build Your Brand” gave teens a look into what a career in marketing could look like and the basics of branding. It was an amazing experience for everyone involved!

Maren Hettler is a BBG from Nona Bloch Salomon in NTO and she loves olives!

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