KIO Spirit Convention 2019

November 7, 2019
Jenna Shaps

Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Class of 2022

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After a summer filled with camp, relaxation, BBYO summer programs, and more, KIO is back and ready to get this year started! Spirit convention bring the energy and excitement that does exactly that. The convention takes place at Camp Cambellguard in Hamilton, Ohio which is a central point for the region. For most of our members, it’s the first time they get to see each other since April. Additionally, the first convention that many of our newest members get to attend and see what KIO is really made of.

This year the theme was nickelodeon, so everything from Friday night ice breakers to announcing the winners of the coveted Spirit Stick was all inspired by this theme. The coordinators went above and beyond on every single detail, making sure that every program was elevated to be convention ready! What made this convention different than any other spirit convention done before was that it was filled with fresh and exciting programs and activities. The logistics were well thought out and with the assistance of KIO’s 65th Regional Board, we had so much support to make sure everyone was having the best weekend possible.

The excitement was brought, new legislation was passed, and new friendships were formed. All in all, this weekend was truly unforgettable and unlike any convention planned out before. Big shoutout to Press Corps correspondent, Grace Mallinger, and Ryan Plaskoff for planning one of the most amazing and exciting conventions KIO has ever seen!

Jenna Shaps is a BBG from Kentucky Indiana Ohio and loves cookie dough.

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