Keeping Pace: On the Road | September

September 30, 2022
Levi Fox

Houston, Texas, United States

Class of 2022

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Howdy BBYO! Wow, it seems like forever since I’ve talked to y’all through my #KeepingPace articles, but it’s been only ONE MONTH! Since my last check-in, following an AMAZING August Executives Conference, I’ve hit the road visiting community after community. In fact, since September 6th, I’ve visited: Pacific Western (Los Angeles), Manhattan, Wisconsin, Mountain (Phoenix), and I am currently in Rocky Mountain (Denver).

It has been such an amazing experience going from place to place meeting with all of YOU! I’ve seen so much of BBYO I have never seen before and I am so grateful to be able to share what I’ve seen with you. Here are just a few things I’ve seen while I’ve been traveling.

  1. Excitement to be together - We took it for granted before the pandemic but now, I’ve seen a specific desire to be with each other, in-person, making memories again. From racing on the go-cart track in PWR to talking with parents at the FAN (Friends & Alumni Network) meeting in Wisconsin, we want to be with each other.
  2. Hype for #AZABBGIC2023 - Ever since registration opened on September 22nd, IC HYPE HAS BEEN THROUGH THE ROOF. We already have over 2,900 teens from across the globe registered and we only have about a hundred spots left. There is NO TIME TO WASTE! Register now at
  3. Hiccups - I’d be lying if there weren’t difficulties. We have to be honest and realize that being separated for over a year has changed us. Whether that be forgetting some of our traditions or difficulty remembering what programming can be, we’ve got to repair ourselves. It’s not a bad thing, in fact, I believe we have the chance to do something really big here. We can build up BBYO into an even stronger, more monumental organization than it ever has been. And it all starts with you.

My time visiting communities has been short and I haven’t seen most of them. I am humbled to remember I have another 8+ months to visit communities so so so soon. From the United States and abroad, I can’t wait to see you in the future. Seeing all that this movement has to offer, how different places conduct their business, and how we as an organization can grow, has been eye-opening.

I’ve got a lot more ahead of me so make sure to check back every month for my #KeepingPace articles right here on the Shofar.

Peace ✌️for now!

Levi Fox

Levi Fox is the 98th Grand Aleph Godol from Lonestar Region.

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