Keeping Pace: April Edition

May 2, 2023
Avi Gorodetski

Northern Region East: DC

Class of 2022

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AZA and BBG, heyyyy thereeee! You know, it’s time for another #KeepingPace! April has been awesome and refreshing as I near my final (🥲) month in the role. Listen up:

In case you forgot, here it is! My #KeepingPace Table of Contents:

  • Hey!
  • Home
  • Pacific Western Region
  • Delta Region: Memphis
  • Great Midwest Region
  • Presidential Transitions
  • Northern Region East: DC Council (And NoVA Council)
  • Takeaways

My April began with lots of Matzah Brei during Passover! I got the chance to spend the holiday at home and really refresh before getting ready to head out on my last 1.5 months of the term. I went on some walks, watched some Netflix, and slept some great sleeps. After Passover, I flew across the country for my first April visit. 

My return to Pacific Western Region was fantastic! I was welcomed to the city of LA with a trip to the Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM which was delicious. The next morning, we headed to camp for Surfs Up Spring Convention; the weather matched the theme and the sun was shining. From a beautiful outdoor Shabbat service and B’nai Mitzvot to a yacht party themed Beau Ball and one of the most epic cheer circles I’ve ever been a part of, convention was fabulous and I’m missing the West Coast already.

My next stop took me south to Delta Region, specifically Memphis! It was super meaningful to spend Yom HaShoah with the Memphis Jewish community and even have the opportunity to have breakfast with a few Holocaust survivors including Tova Friedman. I feel lucky to have been able to hear their stories and discuss what our generation needs to rally towards in today’s day-and-age. Visiting Delta the week before their Spring Convention was special timing because it allowed for Memphis Hype Night to come to life! Hanging with the convention Leadership Team was awesome and the energy carried through the rest of this stretch of regions.

Then, I went to another convention! This time, Great Midwest Region’s Spring Convention. The weekend was full of fun and celebration from BBG’s 79th Founders’ Day to Israel’s 75th Independence Day. We participated in programming rotations (my team won Shark Tank, not to flex) and even got to experience Senior Lives. All in all, although the weather was not as bright, I loved every moment of GMR’s convention as well. 

Next, I returned to Washington, DC for Presidential Transitions! These two days of transitioning were super special. Getting to hangout with the presidential duos of 98/78 and 99/79 felt exciting and like the beginning of closure. We participated in sessions, shared knowledge, answered questions, and bonded over the experience that will soon be shared – serving as BBYO’s International Teen Presidents and, honestly, there’s nothing else like it. I’m grateful to have been able to share this time with Levi, Courtney, and TJ!

Finally, I headed (or should I say, returned to) NRE: DC Council’s Council Convention! Spending one of my final conventions with my heart and home was truly so special. Although it was raining, the convention vibes were still through the roof. From Color War to States and separates, Council Con was filled with smiles and laughs. I even got to visit NRE: NoVA’s Council Convention at the neighboring camp. Two States Ceremonies for the price of one! Both Councils welcomed me back with open arms, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend this final weekend in April anywhere else. 

There you have it! April has been a month of reflection. Reflecting on my past 11 months in my role and the next 1, reflecting on what I set out to learn and what I actually learned, reflecting on the transition from high school to International N’siah and the transition from now to college. It’s a lot to process! As y’all end your years (whether BBYO or school), take some time for your personal journeys of reflection. Life moves fast and in today’s world, you have so many experiences and moments to process at such a fast rate – sometimes it feels impossible. So, slow down, take a breath, and give yourself the space to just think. If you need to journal, journal! If you need to make a playlist, make a playlist! Whatever you can do to allow yourself to understand your lived experiences is something that will benefit you exponentially and something that I’m learning to do now.

AZA and BBG, thank you for tuning in! I can’t believe that this is close to my final Keeping Pace article, meaning that it’s one of my final times addressing the Movement in the same capacity. This is a weird feeling, not gonna lie, but as I reflect on my final month, I’m ready to see what this next chapter looks like for me and the Movement that I love. See ya next time!

Respectfully submitted, 

Avi Gorodetski

78th Anita M. Perlman International N’siah

Avi Gorodetski is the 78th Anita M. Perlman International N'siah from Northern Region East: DC.

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