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May 23, 2023
Ariella Ayenesazan

Suwanee, Georgia, United States

Class of 2024

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ILN! You may hear the phrase a lot in BBYO settings, but what does it actually mean? ILN is the International Leadership Network of BBYO. Teens can apply to join committees, clubs, and networks. Clubs open for applications year round, but committees are special and open over the summer, specifically in June!

ILN offers countless opportunities. I've been in these clubs and committees:

  • BBYO Green Team Club Co-Lead
  • BBYO Mental Health Club Member
  • BBYO Explore Israel Club Member
  • BBYO Art and Wellness Club Member
  • BBYO Baking Club Member
  • BBG Ruach Club Member
  • BBYO Votes Club Member
  • BBYO Polyglot Club Member
  • BBYO Climate Crisis Task Force 2021-22
  • BBYO Racial Justice Task Force 2021-22
  • BBYO Explore Israel Committee 2021-22
  • BBYO Press Corps Journalism 2022-23
  • BBYO Climate Crisis Task Force 2022-23
  • BBYO IC Podcast Press Corps Team
  • BBYO IC Steering 2022 & 2023

Now, that is a long list. So here are some of my favorites:

International press corps is amazing. Plus you do not have to hold a board position in the Mazkirim network to join, I've been a Sh’licha the whole time! Press corps has countless opportunities from TikTok to writing for The Shofar (what I'm doing right now)! Plus, you get to apply for the IC press corps. I got to be on the podcast team and got selected to lead 2 VIP interviews.

IC Steering is also an amazing opportunity. The steering team helps plan and lead opportunities throughout IC to make it the best one yet! I've served on the Green Team and J-lab and had a fantastic time!

I also founded a BBYO club! Clubs are more relaxed compared to committees and are super fun! I recommend joining one!

Overall, the ILN is a great way to get involved in the International Order. So what are you waiting for! Go to and join the ILN!

Ariella is a BBG living in Suwanee, Georgia, who loves to sew in her free time!

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