Israel's Food Dilemma

May 20, 2019
Taylor Rosenblatt

Howard Beach, New York, United States

Class of 2020

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Every year, the World Food Prize is awarded to one or more individuals around the world for improving the status of food production and distribution. The World Food Prize awards individuals who helped any country of their choosing to improve issues of food security or improve agricultural needs. The 2018 winners of the World Food Prize were Dr. Lawrence Haddad and Dr. David Nabbaro from the United Kingdom who have made major contributions in the field of motherhood and childhood malnutrition in places like Ghana, Guatemala, Cambodia, and Kenya.

About a month ago, my high-school agriculture teacher taught us about the World Food Prize, and I was immediately interested in writing about Israel’s needs in the field. In my paper, I discussed the agricultural issues in Israel. Over 97% of Israel's water is not drinkable, for example. Almost all croplands are not attainable and cannot be used, as well. As I was writing this essay, I realized how this environmental problem contributes to the many other crises in Israel, and how much Israel needs our help. Israel has many other complications going on right now besides agricultural issues, like unemployment, food scarcity, and problems in education. I realized that by fixing issues of food production and distribution, many other issues could be addressed, too. During my research, I found some interesting solutions to Israel's environmental and food problems, like the hydroponics system. The hydroponics system is a method of growing plants without using soil. This system could totally eliminate the need for old croplands destroyed by various violence in Israel. I also dove into the possibility of creating a worldwide organization called The Israeli Helping Hand Project. This organization would help out families in need.

By learning about the World Food Prize, I was able to learn new ways to help out the country that needs us most and that has taught us so many things. I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to learn and research about the World Food Prize, as it has given me a new outlet to helping those less fortunate than us. Here is my paper about the World Food Prize and the steps I believe could help Israel improve its environmental, food and agricultural systems.

Taylor Rosenblatt is a BBG from Big Apple Region and has been horseback riding for the past twelve years.

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