Insights from the Membership Growth Summit

February 14, 2019
Tess Mendelson

Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States

Class of 2021

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Jewish teens from all around the world crammed into one room to focus on growing our Movement. Throughout the day, questions, thoughts, and ideas came to life in the Movement Growth Summit (MGS) room. Over the course of the summit, many teens learned valuable lessons to help push our Movement forward and grow our membership.

Weeks upon weeks go into planning a summit on the international level and the work is all spearheaded by the two coordinators, one BBG and one Aleph. Katie Kort (Mountain Region) and Zack Olgin (Ohio Northern Region) worked tirelessly to plan an inspiring and motivating summit for all attendees.

“The preparation for MGS was definitely a lot of work, a lot of program outlines and scripting,” Olgin said. “It’s really a great opportunity to leave my mark on teens and help them see the ability they have with recruitment.”

As the day progressed, many teens gained different lessons they will take home with them to their chapters, councils, and regions. Marlie Thompson (Cotton States Region) attended a summit for the first time and is ecstatic to bring lessons back to her chapter.

The one lesson that Thompson takes away from MGS is one that she hopes everyone can use. “The little things make a really big difference,” Thompson said. “You may not realize it, but really going into it, just texting a prospect can make a really big difference.”

Along with Thompson’s takeaway, Olgin hopes that teens can take away another lesson after leaving his summit. “With one sentence you can change someone's life,” Olgin said. “‘I want you to become me,’ is the one sentence that everyone can take away. It takes two seconds to say and a younger member will remember it for the rest of their life.”

Tess Mendelson is a BBG from Northern Region East: DC Council and is an editor for her school's yearbook.

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