Inductions in BBYO Bulgaria

May 29, 2019
Zhana Beraha

Sofia, Bulgaria

Class of 2021

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Having new members is one of the keys for having a strong community. The new members are the people who are going to continue the great work that the older members have started! We had the induction of the new members in March with the theme "The Oscars". The new members dressed up beautifully and were very excited to be inducted. Our board was really excited, too. We inducted 6 new strong, brave, and creative members into our home at BBYO Bulgaria. These new members are going to continue the working hard on behalf of BBYO Bulgaria for the next years!  From the old members to the new, we congratulate everyone and we hope to have even more members be inducted and have so much joy for this organization like we do.

The induction of new members was something memorable. We are so proud of our new members!

Zhana Beraha is a BBG from Sofia, Bulgaria and she loves adventure!

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