IC 2024: Oneg Recap

February 20, 2024
Liv Kronenfeld

Newton, Massachusetts, United States

Class of 2024

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Last night, we had the long-awaited oneg programming that so many steerers worked so hard on planning. This was a time for us to explore, make new friends, and have some very unique experiences. 

Programming like Rabbi’s Tisch helped teens connect to their Jewish identities while connecting to each other. Through music and storytelling, we were able to connect and have a meaningful experience during our time in the program. Music connected us in other ways with programming like the silent disco or karaoke; people got to let out some energy. 

Dance was also a big theme for the night. My LEADS day program was called Global Beats: Dancing Around the World, and we learned about different types of Jewish dances and how they relate to culture. This programming continued into our Oneg block, where teens were able to learn traditional Israeli dances or go explore different types of Mizrahi dance and about mizrahi culture. It was a way for teens to find a new way to connect to Judaism that they might not have experienced before

Not everything was as high energy; we also had the opportunity to go to play board games, Cards Against Humanity, and chill in other common spaces. It was a great way for people to connect with friends and make new ones. 

Another big theme was finding common ground with meetups for LGBTQ+ teens, different groups of language speakers, and Jews of color. Of course, the centennial theme made its way into this programming block with options like BBG Through the Years, Celebrating our Chapter Founders, and Bedtime Stories: 100 Years of BBYO people could make the most of their BBYO Experience. 

Liv is a BBG from Newton, Massachusetts, and loves field hockey.

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