I Just Lost Elections, What Now?

June 11, 2024
Amy Hornstein

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2027

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I’m sure most of us are familiar with election anxiety. It’s a weird feeling, knowing that all of your friends will be deciding who they want to see leading the chapter/region. I'm sure, many of us have also gone through the experience of not getting the position we run for.

I just lost two elections in a row, both regional and chapter. When it just happened I was devastated; I just didn't see how I could fit into BBYO if I wasn't on a board.

I'm here to give you some recommendations on how to move on and how to still be a part of BBYO.

  1. You are allowed to cry

You lost. I know you are probably upset. It is normal to feel this way. It is normal to want to cry. Allow yourself to feel and to express how you are feeling. I ran for Regional Board. I lost. I cried. I ran for my chapter's board. I lost. And guess what, I also cried! And it is okay! You need to let it out.

  1. Don't  bottle your feelings 

It doesn't matter if it is speaking to one of your friends, one of your advisors, a familiar, a therapist, or anyone else. Or if you don’t want to talk, write it down. Don't bottle your feelings, it is not good for you!

  1. Think about the why's 

Why did you join BBYO? Why do you love BBYO? 

Nobody joined BBYO to be on a board. You probably joined for the experiences, the friends you could make (international or not), to be more involved with your community, or for the memories.

Just remember, you didn't join to be on a board.

I also believe one loves BBYO for many things, not just because they wanted to be Mazkirah (example). Whether it is for your friends, the community, or the experiences, being on a board isn't everything. 

From every experience, you learn something, even from losing.

  1. Being on a board isn't everything

Luckily, BBYO offers SO many more opportunities than just being on a board. From ILN to committees to summer programs to steering events. 

Believe me when I tell you, this isn't where it ends.

Try to participate in opportunities that align with the position you want to occupy on board. If you ran for S’gan(it) participate on a steering committee. If you ran for Mazkir(ah) participate in the press corps. If you ran for Shaliach/Sh'licha participate to be a J-serve/Global Shabat coordinator. You get the point. Find something that you find interesting and like. 

You can also try new things; you have the liberty to explore the many different aspects of BBYO.

  1. Keep trying 

Don't give up. Whether it is on BBYO or any other aspect of your life. As Taylor Swift once said, "Everything you lose is a step you take." When you lose you become stronger. You learn, and everything you learn helps you move forward, even better than before.

Learn from your errors and move forward. Make the best of the situation you are in and have faith in the future. Go out there and make a difference. You don't need a board title to do it.

Losing is hard. I get it. I have lost a LOT of stuff in BBYO (steering, Chapter Board, ILN, Regional Board). However, I promise it will get better. It takes time. Lots of time. But it does.

If you got here, I just want to say, I'm proud of you for running for board, whether you won or lost, running for anything is tough. You go and put your heart out there. You create a platform that has your ideas, goals, and qualifications. You then have to put together a speech. Whether it’s chapter, regional, or maybe even international, it is a hard and stressful process. 

It will get better soon. Have faith in the future. You've got this!

Amy is a BBG living in Buenos Aires who loves reading and listening to One Direction and Taylor Swift.

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