How to Stay Engaged as a Non-Board BBYO Senior

December 1, 2022
Rose Gallatin

West Bloomfield, MI, USA

Class of 2023

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The time has come for the Class of 2023: it’s senior year! 

With college applications, decisions, and the stress of schoolwork, it is oftentimes hard for many seniors to stay engaged in BBYO. But never fear! I am here to give you some confidence on how to finish your BBYO career on the right foot (not the left!)

#1: Become friends with underclassmen! While this sounds kinda hard, it’s honestly one of the best connections you can have as a senior. We all know that we have to leave a legacy so our chapters and regions are able to thrive even after we end our BBYO life, and what better way to do that than becoming besties with underclassmen?!

#2: Apply for steering and committees! Most seniors without a board position say they become less involved because there was “nothing to do.” But that is so not the case. In fact, there is SO much to get involved with as a senior without a board position. For example - IC STEERING! For all grades in BBYO, IC is a highlight, but for seniors, it is just a bit more special. For everyone, IC is an indescribable gathering of our Order: we get to reunite with old friends, make new ones, and build lifelong memories. However, as a senior, it is kinda like a culmination of that feeling. You most likely won’t have an experience like this after the weekend ends. So why not be on the behind the scenes end of planning the highlight of your BBYO senior year? IC Steering not for you? Totally okay! There are so many different ways to get involved in the order:

Just apply here: ILN application  

In all chapters and regions across the order, there are numerous committees you can apply for to show your dedication in this home stretch.

#3: Go to events for the fun of it! While being on the planning and facilitating end of programming is fun and exciting, being a program attendee is just as fun! When I was not on board, I loved being able to go to events that spoke to me most and just enjoying the company of my chapter siblings. It is so different from going to every event within a term. If I’m being 100% honest, it’s a bit stressful, but having this freedom takes that pressure off and it helps you to enjoy programs a lot more! Going to events that speak to you and overall having a good time is one of the best parts about not holding a regional or chapter board position. It’s nice to be an extra face at a program, and someone friendly to add to the fun! You can also be there as a fresh face for a prospect or new member as someone not on board, just a new friend!

#4: Show support for your board! Even though you are not on board, make it known that you are always available to help if needed. If your S’gan or S’ganit is in need of a host? Offer your house! If your Moreh or Morah needs someone to include a prospect in a program? Be that person! If your board needs someone to help lead a service with your Shaliach or Sh’licha? Volunteer! There are so many different ways to show your gratitude and support for your chapter leaders and in your final year, it is important to make it known that you are a sounding board and always a helping hand!

See seniors?? It’s so easy to stay active in your final year of BBYO, you just gotta take those steps. Even if you are not on any board, there are so many ways to put yourself out there and make a difference in your chapter or region. You just have to want it!

Rose is a BBG from Michigan and she loves to sing.

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