Haters in the Social Media World

June 15, 2020
Mia Scaliter

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2022

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The word “hater” is defined as a slang term for someone who is negative, discourages others, or possesses pessimistic feelings toward a person or thing. We should not believe what haters say, which is hard but wouldn't it be much easier if they just didn't exist?

You can hate a food, you can hate a style in clothes, you can hate a song or the weather, but when it comes to people, your opinion can affect someone. 

If you throw shade at your friends or loved ones, it will not look good to others and your relationships will most likely change for the worst. We don't share our hatred with people to their faces because of the fear of losing them. But why do we think that if we do the same to a celebrity the results won't affect them?

Every single day when I open Twitter or Instagram, I see negative comments about celebrities criticizing their clothes, their bodies, their houses, their money or their life and I think to myself: These people are not robots, they are not insensitive and how would you feel if everyone was saying these things about you? We have the chance of staying quiet but instead, it's one more comment of shade, one more negative judgment. 

I strongly believe that if we work together we can diminish this negativity and end the hate. From now on, every time we want to express a negative, let's think before saying it and ask ourselves these questions: Is our judgment constructive? Is it necessary? How would I feel if I saw this comment about myself? Stop the hate, start to love, and don't do anything you don't like being done to you.

Mia Scaliter is a BBG from Argentina and likes photography and writing articles.

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